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I’m never returning and I suggest you don’t start too.

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Published: 03 May 2019

Posted by: Janie

SouthCentre Dental is hilarious. The staff is constantly trying to sell you something and everyone is lying to your face. You’d feel like you have come to some sitcom or reality TV.

The timings of this place, they are just not made for the working people. If you go to the office or if you have a business, you wouldn’t be able to come here. That’s because the opening hours are only from 7 am to 4 pm. I guess they are focused on attracting retired people who are not doing any jobs. Or maybe they are too arrogant to do anything about it. The timings are pathetic and the staff is worse. I went there for simple treatment and the staff kept urging to buy a bunch of other dental treatments. Considering the number of treatments they were recommending me, I must have the worst teeth in the history of humanity. The receptionist told me that I should take part in their sleep apnea program whereas the assistant suggested getting cleaning done. The dentist told me that I should get treatment of cosmetic dentistry.

You can see how everyone is lying to your face in the hope that you’d get another treatment from these guys. It became quite hilarious as the day went on. I noticed the staff doing the same thing to other patients too. I don’t know what goes on in their minds. Do they really think that lying to a new patient and telling him that he needs a bunch of other treatments would actually convince him? Can’t they be simple dentistry which focuses on providing proper care to the patients? I don’t think they can.

That’s because they are too busy coming up with new ways to lie to their patients. You know, when the entire staff is trying to upsell you, you know that the business isn’t trustworthy. And it’s certain that the business is quite slow. It’s either that or they are too greedy. I was really thinking of returning to this place before I had even visited it. They have so many positive reviews online that anyone can get fooled. I couldn’t imagine that a place with such a pristine online reputation would turn out to be such a disappointment. Everything was fine until the dentist started lying too.

He recommended me to get a few cosmetic treatments to improve my smile. I never thought my smile was this bad. Look, you know how bad your smile is and I know how bad my smile is. It isn’t perfect but it certainly doesn’t require a bunch of cosmetic treatments. He didn’t even consider the possibility that his lies can get caught.

I advise you never go to SouthCentre dental. The place is filled with liars and they aren’t trustworthy for sure. You’d be better off going to some other clinic because this certainly isn’t the right place to find credible and reliable dentists.

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