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Published: 21 September 2018

Posted by: Dana Windes

Caryn Cumberland and I traded puppies with a written contract signed between the two of us dated 1/25/2015. She received my puppies and accepted them. At no time did she complain or ask to return them. Yes, the female did have a hernia which was caused from birth and our contract was for free from hernia. I told Caryn about the hernia before they were sent thinking she didn’t want them. Caryn said that was no problem that she would still accept her. NOW I KNOW WHY. IT’s been difficult getting puppies from her. At the time Caryn had two females that were she bred that fell within the guide lines for this breeding. When the first female dog had her puppies she would not allow me to have the puppies. Next litter was all boys, our agreement was for a boy and girl red or /red-white parti. My choice. Caryn refuses to breed the dogs that would fulfill this agreement which have gone into heat 2 times in the last 15 months. She has refused to return my dogs so I am out money, dogs and my recourse is court. I had asked her in March about puppies, she replied early April. When I emailed her in April she said I could not have these puppies. Please take a stand with me and boycott Caryn for her bad practice and ethics. I will be filing with the Ms Attorney General for her bad practices and am looking to take her to court. I have all correspondence between Caryn and I and could forward them to you. Many times I have tried to address the issues but she never answers the questions, just puts down the dogs that I sent her. If she don’t like them then she should just return them. She refused! In the original agreement I paid Vet, certs, and shipping. IF CARYN IS SO ETHICAL WHY DOES SHE GO BY ALL THESE ALIASES: Which are listed in the complaints above. Anita Caryn Cumberland Lott, 50+yrs old Saucier, MS Caryn Lott Anita Caryn Cumberland, Anita Allen Caryn Anita Pendley Caryn Cumberland Pendley

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