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The customer service is extremely annoying

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Published: 23 April 2019

Posted by: sophia

I don’t know what to say about the people at Southside Dermatology. I had visited their clinic for a simple skin allergy. I didn’t know what it was but my skin around my neck had gone red and itchy. When I looked up online for some great dermatologists in my area, I came across these guys. I thought it’d be great to get some expert consultation.

Well, first they play hard to get like for real. They made it quite difficult for me to get a simple appointment. I thought they must be very busy. After my experience, I highly doubt if they even had any meetings.

When I got there, I had to wait around 2 hours after the set time to get a meeting with the doctor. Again, it’s all a part of their psychological games to make it seem like they are some busy professionals who are always in demand and you’re just a puny little customer who doesn’t matter to them.

The doctor took a look at my burning spot and quickly suggested me one of their creams. I was a little surprised by how quickly she suggested a treatment without any hesitation or second thoughts. Well, she added a number of other beauty products in my treatment and told me they’ll help me look better while getting rid of that ‘ugly red thing’ too.

I bought 3 of their creams. One was Spa Aloe Cortisone Cream and then shampoo and a cleanser. I was supposed to use them all daily. The products in total cost me around $100. And I was supposed to keep using them for a number of months.

I never got my reports too! I contacted them for 4-5 days regularly and after so much hassle, they told me I should contact them a week later because they are too busy right now. Those people are too careless. I contacted them a week later and then, I was supposed to pick up my report a day later. When I got there, I had to wait for another 2-3 hours to get that report. And while I was waiting, the receptionist kept recommending me their platinum membership card and a thousand other products these people produce.

When I received my report the doctor told me that she had thrown in a few other recommendations which will really help in looking better. Like, what did she mean by that? I was already using 3 of their products and frankly speaking, there isn’t anything special in their products. They are generic creams and soaps filled in a tube having their name written on it. I haven’t used their products ever since and I don’t plan on doing it later too.

I hope they will improve their customer treatment in the future. Because if they don’t, which I don’t think they will, they might have to shut down. There isn’t anything special in those people except their overpriced service and products.

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