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Published: 06 August 2017

Posted by: Virginia T. Swanson

I was so psyched about buying into the Sovereign Society product … but it never worked out. They had this offer called Prime Profits. Basically they tell you that it works with a 100 year calendar and analyses cyclical movements of different sectors of the stock market. See, when I heard this for the first time, I thought it made a lot of sense. Things generally do move in cycles. Let me give you an example: Real estate stocks usually go up in June and come down in November.
Sovereign Society’s sales blurb analysed the past ten years in mid-2016. It showed that their system would have turned every $1,000 into $127,000. Can you tell me that doesn’t sound great to you?
So I sent them an email asking why they had only advertised the results for the past ten years, when their calculator would have run it for the past hundred years. The reply which I got for my question basically said that they got a lot of mails and that they weren’t in a position to reply to all of them!
I paid for an introduction to The Ted Bauman Letter. It was less than $2, but it was still 9 days before I could access the information. Now I get mails from them every, with links to things I could buy. Like Sov-Soc’s Ted Bauman, JL Yastine’s predictions and Sov-Soc’s Paul Mampilly’s predictions. I asked them which one I was supposed to believe and got the same answer as last time.
You give them money, they give you ideas they can’t fully support. The opinions they give are conflicting – they’re of no real use.

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