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Published: 03 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Last week I purchased soap and whipped shea butter from spa treasures online. Within 48 hours, I received email confirmation that the shipping label was created. The estimated date of delivery was for 12/17/14. 12/17/14 came and went, and so I contacted the post office to find out what the delay was. I was told the first time that the package had not been received. So I then contacted Ingrid Kindred the owner via email and asked her how long shipping usually takes. She told me that she was surprised because she delivered it herself and that she would resend the package. I called the post office again today and was told the same thing. Only that they had no record of my item being in transit nor had it been picked up. I went on her business page and asked her why she lied. She then sent me an email, calling me a liar, and telling me that I was just trying to get over. She then sent one of her facebook friends over to my page alleging that I was a liar, and telling me that I am a crook and a scam artist. She said that the product had been delivered; which at this very second, the USPS page still says pre-shipping. She also told me that it was sent via UPS, which was a lie because I have a USPS tracking number. Spa treasures is NOT a good business, and the owner is not professional at all. I have seldom come across a business who speaks to their customers the way that she has to me. This woman is a fraud, a crook, and the very reason why it is difficult to patronize black-owned businesses, because she fits the stigma that we are all fraudulent. Please beware of Ingrid Kindred and her fraudulent business. She is not a good business owner, and she is not honest at all. I was able to get my money back through paypal but still in all, to have that exerience was inconvenient and very stressful. I would advise staying as far away from this business as humanly possible .

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