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Published: 02 March 2019

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I went to this shop several times hoping that i would get the best service but unfortunately every time i visit this shop for oil change i am forced into getting something fixed on my car unnecessarily. I would like to bring it to consumers attention living in the area about SpeeDee’s statements on their website about EXPERT ADVICE. INFORMED DECISIONS. YOUR CHOICE. which is not true. I went to speedee today to get oil change for my car. I was told that there is a problem with my fuel pump and it has to be changed. I agreed to change the fuel pump. Immediately i was told that i have to change the filter as well. I told ok. Instead of charging me $178.20 list price for Fuel pump i was charged $276.74 an additional $100 more in addition to the labor cost ($85) plus taxes. The mechanic further advised me to change the filter along with the fuel pump which costed $39.99 + Tax which was not a part of the initial conversation. Added to my agony i was offered a free break inspection claiming the Midas has life time warranty on roters and breakpads and convinced me to go for changing the break pads and routers for my front wheels. I would like to draw everybodys attention that i was not informed by the mechanic and the shop owner that there are two components in the break system (friction and lubrication) before starting to fix friction portion of the break system. I figured this out at a later stage. I can back up my statement based on the estimate they gave to me before starting to fix the friction portion of the car. The cost of roters, breakpads and labor turned out to be additional $150. After changing the front roters and break pads the mechanic took the vehicle for a test drive. He came back to store and told that there is more problem with the breaks of the vehicle. The break peddle became very soft and the vehicle won’t stop upon applying the break and rolls forward before coming to a complete stop. He advised me that the roters, break shoes, rear wheel cylinders, and central cylinder needs to be changed in order to fix the car. He furhter advised me that it is not safe to drive the vehicle with out fixing the problem. I was very disappointed with this new update from the mechanic. The owner of the store promised to work with me and help me with the problem by cutting down on the labor costs and requested me to come back to the store next day early morning to fix the problem. I ended up paying $749.65 for fuel pump, filter and front break pads before leaving the store. I took the vehicle back to the store the next day morning as advised by the owner of the shop. I met her son who was very rude and asked me what was the problem. I explained him about the problem. He said he was aware of the problem. I was so amazed by the fact that he knew the problem and asked me again about the problem. I brought to his attention that i noticed that there is some noise from the front wheels while driving. He asked the mechanic who worked on my vehicle the previous day to look into it. He took the vehicle into the gaurage and came back to me after few minutes that he fixed the problem. I asked me about the rest of the issues. He went back to the owner and came back to me with an extimate of $425 to fix the problem. I told him that the owner agreed to fix the problem for $215. He went back to the owner and returned to me stating that it is not possible. I told him that i would like to speak to the owner. He told me that she was on a conference call and will be busy for some time. I told him that i am going to wait until she finished her conference call. At this point the owner stepped in to the office. She was very furious and started yelling and screaming. She told to stop playing game. I told her that i am at her store as per the agreement the previous day to fix the problem on my car. She was very furious and denied about the agreement. She made some racial comments about me coming from a third world country etc… and asked me to take the vehicle and leave. She further stated that i can do what ever i want to do and leave the store. I left the store and got in touch with the SpeeDee corporate seeking help. I was put in touch with the VP of consumer relationship. She was very very nice. She told me that she is speaking to the district manager and the problem will be looked into soon. She further advised me to get a second opinion about the problem. I took the vehicle to a third party and got an estimate about the problem. I waited for the district manager to respond to my request. The district manager never got back to me as informed by the VP Consumer relations. I had to reach out to the EVP and COO of TBC Corportation (Parent Company of SpeeDee and Midas) and explain him about the sitation. He forward my request to VP of SpeeDee Distritubution. The VP of SpeeDee contacted me over the phone along with the district manager and promised to help me fix the problem. He advised the his district manager to work with me and help me fix the problem. The district manager call me the following day and asked me to bring the vehicle to another SpeeDee location to get their opinion about the problem. I took it to another SpeeDee location and i was told that it will cost $500 to fix the problem partially and $1000 to fix the problem completely. The district manager told me that he will get back to me to help me fix the problem and never called me back. After having spent $ 750 i am aksed to spend spend additional $ 500 to get the problem fixed. This is nothing but a complete rip off and price gouging from a regular loyal customer of Speedee/Midas store located at 8835 Veterans Memorial Boulevard, Metairie, LA 70003. I would appreciate if this situation can be fixed and help the consumers in the area and stop this price gouging activities of this store. .

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