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Published: 20 September 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

If you are thinking of investing in anything Adam Ginsberg is involved in, please do yourself a huge favor and don’t do it! Here’s my personal experience… Aftet attending a wonderfully-inspiring and motivating Success Resources 2013, I signed up for Adam Ginsberg’s 3-day workshop on selling on eBay. At that workshop he and his business partner made Template Optimizer Supreme (and other products he offered) sound like the very best products available to the public for selling on eBay and Amazon. It was a very convincing seminar, and by the end of it, I had spent $5,000 I really could not afford. But I was confident that I had finally found something that would allow me to make money online. The problems started less than a week after the conference, when I received an invoice in my email inbox stating that I still owed $2500 to Adam Ginsberg International, which was completely incorrect. I spent a lot of time having to try to reach his support people and finally having to fax a copy of my checking account transactions from my bank to provide proof that I had actually paid the full $5,000. Once that was finally cleared up, I had problems logging into the system. Again, I had to contact support. Then there was an issue with the supplier he said we would have free access to. I tried to use it, and was told that I needed to pay for the service if I wanted access to all the products they had. I am not sure whose fault that was (Adam Ginsberg’s or the company that he used as a dropshipper, but it cost me more money each month for that service nonetheless). At the conference, Adam told us that if we purchased Template Optimizer Supreme, he would grant us free lifetime access to something he called “Margin Finder”, another product he was working on that would be ready within the next 2 months. Margin Finder would automatically help us find the products that were selling for more on eBay than on Amazon, and would make it simple for us to make big profits by selling these products on eBay, using Amazon as our dropshipper. Long story short, whenever I checked in with Adam Ginsberg’s support team about it within the first few months of my purchase, I was always told that it was not ready yet, and I should probably just consider paying for 1-on-1 coaching in order to get things going for me with Template Optimizer. I did not buy Template Optimizer only to have to pay for training on how to use it. Bottom line is this…At the conference all attendees were told that building a business with Template Optimizer would be easy, Margin Finder would be available very soon,and we were virtually guaranteed to make money if we invested in his tools and were willing to put in the time. This was sooooo not true. I am a fairly-technical and very motivated person, and the real reason I was not able to make a living from eBay and Amazon as I was led to believe I would was due to the fact that no training was provided (unless I wanted to pay for it), the support was horrible, and there was no automated “Margin Finder” that was ever made available to me to make full use of Template Optimizer. Does anyone know if it ever became available to anyone? I am actually thankful I couldn’t get my hands on more money that fateful day, and that I was only able to come up with $5,000. Sadly, I know there were people in that room that handed over a lot more money than I did. .

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