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Published: 16 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

First the tell people that they are possessed with demons , spirits and that is the source of their problems. They they insist and pressure people into giving out personal information, picutres, dates of birth, place of birth, then they DONT tell them that they DONT want to hear about thier lives, they just want you to send them the money. If you send information you want them to help you with, they get angry , call you mentally ill and crazy and a trouble maker,and that they dont need it. Once you send money one will tell you he has cleared you of these demons and possessions, that one is Peter Michael, in los angelos.. he has other partners to do other ‘work’ all remote and no contact… He refers some people to Anastatia Toom, at spiritualhealthcounselor.com, She is very nice to start, gets your personal information, scares you into thinking you are possessed, and she too, does not want you sending emails to explain your situation or what you want help with. She and peter BOTH say that they ‘HEAR VOICES, USE MENTAL TELEPATHY , READ YOUR MIND, HEAR , SEE AND SENSE SPITITS AND DEMONS,’ AND YET THEY CLAIM CLIENTS THAT HAVE THESE ABILITIES OR ‘HEAR’ SPIRITS, ARE SCHIZOPHRENIC, AND CRAZY , WHICH IS HOW THEY FIGHT AGAINST ANY COMPLAINTS. If you complain they TRASH you online , share personal information to the world, and trash you among others. They say you are crazy , for the very things they say they have as ‘skills’. Both Anastasia and Peter are rude, abrupt, and if you communicate with them at all, online , email , or over the phone, they are very rude and sometimes abusive, discounting and they tell you that there is a lot wrong with you for which they need you to pay them a lot of money year after year to get fixed. The people who send them money say they ‘like them’ and they have some clients that think they have helped them. They are busy trashing people who make complaint against them as ‘crazy’ etc. they will not give your personal information back , and will not refund money. They will keep it and do whatever and god knows what with it… forever .

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