Bunch of nincompoops with a shifty reputation

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Published: 21 November 2018

Posted by: Eric

So much for their false claims of providing the best and verified services in the industry. We had contacted them a while ago. A man named Don Edwards came over to assist us in building our splashpad. On our first meeting with him, we decided he was a great guy and straight forward and so did the job seem straight forward to the point. He was very good with all the explanations as well. We decided to go ahead with him. A week later or less, he visited us again and informed us that the work would be completed within 2 to 3 weeks. He said the work would begin the very next day and this piqued our excitement and we all found ourselves waiting for him in anticipation the next day. It was disappointing that neither him nor his team showed up the next day. We decided to give them the benefit of the doubt that they could have been busy so we didn’t need to worry as such or something and went on with our works. Now a week passed by and it was a complete no-show from them. We started to worry and made calls to them. They assured us that they were just around the corner that we needn’t worry, and that they will show up the next day. But that was just another lie. They didn’t show up! Another 3 weeks passed in the same process. Don Edwards stopped taking our calls altogether. We tried and tried. Now the tricky thing is that every time we called using our numbers, he never answered. I tried calling using someone else’s number, an unknown one, and lo behold! He would instantly pick up! We were indignant with him. He would simply make excuses all the while about not being well or something else, some other cock and bull story. When finally they showed up, it took them eight months to install our splash pad that had pumps and filters. No one ever visited to guide us as to how the splash was supposed to be used with the filters and all. They just disappeared after that. I gotta say, that’s one of the worst services O have received from anyone so far. No sense of responsivity and responsibility at all. Most of the reviews you read on them will tell you that “He was using the business to take the extra cash and stash it in his own pocket.” Splashpads USA are a bunch of nincompoops with a shifty reputation. Don Edwards actually collected all the money from us for the type of splash pad we had chosen to install. He is at Splashpads USA and as time would have it, time is my witness, this guy never returned to come and finish the pad. Somehow, after that trashy and lousy job, it has been several months and the splash pad which is still under the warranty period is disastrously falling apart. I am very very disappointed by the way I have been poorly treated and their manner of conduct with us, not answering calls, the pressure and all, I am furious as well. Who the hell is responsible for all this malfunctioning, for all this that we have been put through, the futile follow ups and everything. Such irresponsibility believe me! They are good for nothing nincompoops!!
There have been so many cases against them recorded that show that the company had made a promise to oversee the completion of the project following a similar treatment as I faced and then still never showing up to hold their promises true. It has been months and months with the others as well with the company never showing up and outright refusing to take calls and phone calls.

It had come to my notice about this guy who had made a purchase for a 16 piece splash pad kit, along with which he ordered a fire-hydrant as well as two other rings to fulfil a splash pad project. He made many enquiries into the company and finally ordered what he needed. So they promised the shipment would be reaching them soon enough. Now when the first shipment arrived, apparently, he only received the rings. After several calls and communications, they said they would transit the rest soon enough. The next shipment was also incomplete. Finally, it so happened that after numerous calls, excuses and what not, the shipments arrived one after the other in incomplete states and the fire-hydrant that he had ordered never actually got delivered to him! Such irresponsibility believe me!!!

This Don Edwards who is the or is supposed to be one of the owners and heads of the company is presumed to be dead. According to me, it’s just one of their fallacies and excuses to get rid of their problems, all their irresponsible acts and what not. Don’t trust them ever people. They are liars and excuse-makers who are out there to get your money and not provide any service. Stay the hell away from them. We have been wronged by the company and we won’t let them get away with this sort of irresponsible behaviour. Y’all have gotta help us wipe this filth off earth. They are doing no good as a company and are instead harming the society.
Splashpads USA are a bunch of nincompoops with a shifty reputation that precedes them. Don’t do business with them ever. You will in for the ruins.!!!!

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