Splat Attack Paintball Field


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Published: 18 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

It was high time now. I recently graduated from school and before my college had a start I decided to play some outdoor games.  After a lot of research online I found out splat attack paintball field to be the most suitable place for me because it was hardly 15 minutes from my house. Therefore I made an appointment online for the next day.
As soon as I stepped in I saw many people standing in a queue for their turn to come. I was about the 17th guy joining them. I was just exactly present at the time of my appointment but it was of no use because everybody had to come and stand. I waited for about an hour for my turn to come. I requested for a glass of water to one of the staff members but none of them took a turn to do the same. All they did was stand like a statue. At last, my chance came up and I decided to go for the wood ball and was informed about the prices of different types of equipment. The price seemed to be very high so o choose the normal vest of a low price because I didn’t bring any extra money for any other. They were not affordable. A person should have been provided with three basic types of equipment for free. Namely paintball gun, paintball, and a head mask. They provided me with the gun and the paintball but the helmet was totally damaged. I requested for a replacement but nothing was taken under consideration. I had to step on the field with a broken helmet. I was disappointed and was scared too but had no other option because I had already paid the amount. The amount of work done by me was sufficient to lead but nothing was considered from my point of view. The gun did not work at times and I used to miss shots each time, unfortunately. The field should have am ambush to hide and look realistic too but the field in splat attack had nothing like that. Very few places were there to hide near the edge of the field. I didn’t have much fun during my time in the field and once was hit by a person so much that I had the pain in my shoulders for weeks. While I was hiding in one of the corners a guy came and saw me. He didn’t follow the rule to not hit me when I surrendered. Instead, he hit me so many times even after telling him to stop. He wasn’t even disqualified for such an act.
Safety should always be the first priority for every person and if someone forbids the rules and regulation the convict should immediately be disqualified. Nothing as such happened and I was very much pissed off from such an act. I tried to come out from the other side but the guards did not open the gate and ordered me to wait inside until the whole game was over. They played the game in the wrong manner and all I could do was regret about it the whole time. Please stay away from such an inexperienced faculty who don’t even have an idea about the game properly. Choose some other paintball field rather than coming here because the field was not at all up to the mark.

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