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Published: 27 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

My niece has been diagnosed (and is on disability) with Paranoid Schizphrenia and manic depressive syndrome. She has fought addictions and in July of this year she fell off the wagon. In order to find help she joined the Spokane Dream Center Discipleship Program. The discipleship program is a recovery program based on Jesus’s teachings. The Discipleship Program encouraged her to sign her rights to her child over to another couple in the church. They then removed her from her Section 8 housing so she lost part of her financial support system. She gave money to them but I don’t know how much. After entering the program she was taken off all of her psychotropic medications in favor of being healed by Jesus. This was followed by isolation of all family, no phone calls, no visits, (unless you went to church to see her and then you couldn’t sit with her). She was isolated with “quiet time” and “verbal fasts”. Her mother warned them not to take her off her medications because she could not live normally without them. In spite of the warnings they went forward with their belief that Jesus would heal her. The result could be anticipated. My niece had enough presence of mind to walk away from the treatment center to a week inpatient mental treatment. She is home now staying with her mother. She is not stable and it will be a long time until she is stabilized medically. I am so angry! Why would any legitimate church take a diagnosed schizophrenic, manic depressive person off their meds is beyond my comprehension. To isolate someone from their family support system is outrageous. Then to isolate a mentally ill person further by subjecting them to verbal fasts and quiet time (sometimes all night long) is not what my niece needed at all. There is no physician on site! These are symptoms of a cult and I want others to be warned about this organization. My niece now needs full time help to keep up with her activities of daily living, has no housing assistance, and has lost her child to another couple in the same church. How worry some! The family is digging in to get my niece back on her assistance and are working with the landlord so she can keep her home. We have our work cut out. All I can hope for is that others will be warned about this organization. Learn the symptoms of a Cult! If your child or loved one is going into The Spokane Dream Center treatment center, investigate it thoroughly!

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