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Published: 14 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Sports BodywoRx is a massage and chiropractic clinic located in Woodstock, Georgia. Being new to town I needed a new masseuse. I did not just move to a new town but to a new state. I moved here from California so the whole moving thing was very difficult. I was so fucking stressed that no one can imagine. My muscles were hurting too much so I badly needed chiropractic for myself. I did not know anyone near me so Google was the only hope. I searched a lot and Sports BodywoRx was the closest chiropractic near my house. I called them to inquire about the time and fee of the practitioner but the customer support was useless. The representative was rude and did not even answer any of my questions right. After this, I decided to go to the clinic myself and then ask about the fee and everything. But the receptionist was no less than a jerk. He gave me a brochure which was not at all clear. Upon asking, he replied, “can you not just manage it on your own?” If I have to manage it on my own then why the hell are you even at the reception? The environment of the clinic was depressing too. Being a patient, I wanted to run away from the waiting area. It was all messed up and the depressing atmosphere was unbearable. Well, the room for treatment was fine. It was clean and bearable. I was a bit satisfied with this but as soon as the therapist came in, I could not bear the thought of her treating me. She was so fucking messy as if she had just returned from a pub or something. She made me more anxious about my cervical pain. The more shocking part of the story is when she asked me to lay down so that she can inject me with an anesthetic. Like who gives you an anesthetic for muscular therapy. She started giving me all these reasons and everything and I agreed with the anesthetic. Now I doubt the medicine whether it was an anesthetic or some drug that made me feel drowsy for a couple of hours or till the time I returned home. I cannot tell the exact situation during the therapy as I could not feel anything. But I remember glimpses of the therapy and it was no massage or exercise. She was just wandering around after the injection and massaged some of the pressure points may be. I woke up after a day of sleep and all my family members are in shock that what the fuck happened at the clinic.
The bastards took $300 per hour and I was there for like 2-3 hours. I still have an endless pain. Seems like nobody even tried to cure my pain. I have a prescription of very heavy medicines and rigorous exercise. I am now consulting another therapist and he has prohibited all the medicines prescribes by Sports BodywoRx. NEVER GO TO THEM.

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