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Published: 15 October 2018

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I’m the chief executive officer of a small sports technology company and recently switched my company cell phone over to Sprint from AT&T. I end up going with an Sharp Aquos (Droid) and within the first two weeks, all of the applications keep failing and closing, I keep having to restart the phone. I take the phone back to the Sprint store I purchased it from (along with the $80 worth of accessories I purchased) and told them the issue. The associate calls the national sales team at Sprint corporate and tells him to tell me that because I brought the phone back after 16 days, there’s nothing they can do because printed at the bottom of the receipt says it would need to be brought back within 14 days. I’m incredibly frustrated because after having to pay $200 to cancel my contract with AT&T (Sprint will only cover the first $150 and it takes weeks to get it reimbursed), Sprint is already telling me “tough luck buddy, Welcome to Sprint.” Even harder to understand is how a company as large as Sprint can treat customers in this manner, they sold me a phone that does not work properly and now that I’m bound to a contract, they just throw up their hands and say “sorry, not our problem”? If my company ever treated our customers like this, we’d be out of business or we’d be sued, which seems to be the next step on this manner since Sprint is not coming to the table at all on this matter. I’m considering passing this matter to our legal counsel for a consumer fraud and unconscionable business practices, I don’t really know what else to do right now. .

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