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SPS Mortgage uselessly over charges people. They are a fraud mortgage company.

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Published: 27 August 2017

Posted by: Bret K. Nye

SPS Mortgage is a mortgage servicer and provides specifically residential mortgage.
Now because I needed money, I thought this would be a great firm that would help me, but something completely opposite happened, they ended up giving me nightmares.
As signed in the agreements and agreed to the policies I had to pay them $600 a month, but after a few months I got a call from one of their customer service agents, she told me that they had upped my payments. The number as shown in the caller ID was: 1-800 258-8602. She told me that payments had increased, firstly she didn’t give me a reason, she straight up told me that from $600, now I would be paying him $850 a month.
They forced hazard insurance on me, they sent me an email from – [email protected] stated that I needed insurance, even though I had insurance. But they didn’t agree, they told me I needed to have insurance else they would increase my payments by $9800 a year.
For their sake I had to get reinsured, so I got my insurance done once again and emailed them a scanned copy of it. The reply I got in return was horrific, they told me that they had a “typo” in the letter. A TYPO? Who the fuck was typing, a blind retard? Some freak? I mean what the hell do they think of themselves? Assholes. And they blew me off when they told me they would be increasing the payments again.
This literally made me furious! How could SPS be doing this? What sort of a mortgage company is it exactly? Are they fools? Don’t they know what they are doing? If I had that much money to pay why the HELL would I take your DAMN SERVICE!! Do you think I’m playing a game here? Where am I supposed to get all that money from, I also have a family to survive.
SPS was one of the dead mortgage companies. They were ripping people off like this, I mean because you convinced someone once does not mean you would convince them again and make them pay whatever amount you wished. SPS is fraud!
Please guys, trust me do not deal with this company. If by chance you were thinking about it, take a u-turn and walk away. It’s never too late!! Once you’re in this, you’re stuck, its worse than being in a muddy puddle that sinks you in slowly. SPS will eat you up in one go and spit you out and you’ll be left with nothing!! I wish I could whip their asses, they don’t know how to function, they just know how to rob people, how to rip them off!! I don’t know what to do, I need to find a solution to this, else I will be facing bankruptcy very soon. Please do “google” before you decide on doing business with this, you’ll probably get a complaint from thousands of their consumers who are suffering, maybe worse than me!

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