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Published: 21 July 2019

Posted by: Elody

It took a long time for my wife to open up and let me know about Stansell Dentistry Associates. She never wanted to expose her experienced since she was annoyed by them, although I managed to convince her and told me. Am telling you them just to give you a picture of their services so that I can help you in your future decisions.

First and foremost, she visited the dentist sometimes back and she had never been so disrespected that much by any of dentist she had ever been to. She heard of the dentist from her friend being rated being among the best dentists, therefore she decided to try him out. She called Stansell Dentistry Associates to make an appointment, her appointment was scheduled to be after 5 weeks, so she had to wait since she was overbooked. She had guts to wait because she heard that their services were great. Afterward, she was asked to sign a form which was to be used to acquire her records from the previous dentist. She did and sent it back the same day. While we were eating the doctor called her to ensure she received the X-rays and she should have them by the time of appointment. When the 5 weeks were over she went for her appointment and on the same day they wanted to take her X-rays of which she had had them like 5 months ago so she had to inform the dentist, since she never wanted to pay for them again. Because she had allowed them to get her records from her previous dentist, she told them it could be good for them to have the X-rays before the appointment day. Unfortunately due to their errors and not getting the X-rays done by the appointment day she was given some options that she either pay for updated X-rays or else reschedule the appointment for another day. Her teeth were never cleaned due to the options she was given since she couldn’t pay for the updated X-rays hence had to wait for all that period for her teeth to be cleaned since she was forced to reschedule the appointment.

The period was long thus she was unable to wait, so she found it necessary and did some research and found a better dentist. So she called to cancel the appointment. But when she had called them they didn’t even pick up her call.

Secondly, a friend to my wife could give this dentist only a 1 star because she could not give it 0 stars. She had also actually made an appointment for a cleaning thinking that they had bettered their services. It was her second visit. She was asked some questions about what her teeth goals were after one of the staff took her X-rays. Once she finished answering a doctor came in and made some brief suggestions. She gave him a breakdown down of those brief suggestions and then told him that they will see her soon. She asked about her cleaning and she was told that they were about to close, that was around 0230hours. Eventually she never got the service she intended to get but instead, he got information, suggestions but there was no cleaning. I highly don’t recommend this place completely. I thought I should let you know about them since they don’t value their customers.

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