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Published: 15 December 2018

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I bought an office chair from our local Staples Store. After using it for a few days I developed excruciating back pain. It took several days for me to realize that the chair was not a good fit for me and it was the cause of my back pain. It took several more days for my back to get better in order to return the chair. I called the store and they said that their return policy was for only 14 days. I checked my receipt and could not find that so I asked to speak to the manager. He repeated the same thing, but said he would help me out if I wanted to trade it and if I bought their Square-trade protection plan on the next chair. I agreed. As we were transporting the chair we lost one of the castors and could not find it. We ended up having to purchase a new castor from the manufacturer so we could return the chair. It took several more days to get the new castor. Finally, we got the chair back to the store. The mgr. told me to go find another chair that I wanted and he would be happy to exchange it for us. So, I found one that cost twice as much but I was willing to pay the difference and purchase their protection plan also. However, the mgr. then told us that we could only get less than half of what we paid for the chair because it was now on “clearance sale” for that amount and that’s all we could get. I told him I couldn’t purchase another chair if I couldn’t get what I paid for the returned chair. He said he could only give me a store credit then for less than 1/2 of what I paid for the chair. I decided to just take my chair back even if I had to donate it to a charity I didn’t want to be scammed!! But wait! There’s an even bigger ripp off at the end of my story. While the mgr., my husband, and I were discussing this problem, the store sold my chair that I was returning!! They sold it right there while it was in the buggy waiting on us to find a replacement chair and sold it without our knowledge or permission. I thought only used car dealers did that!! So, now the only option was to take a store credit. I feel scammed!! .

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