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Published: 16 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I was certainly not impressed with the way I was treated at Stark Smiles Thomas M Stark DDS MSD because it made me uncomfortable. I had a very bad experience with this clinic and it turned out to be a nightmare for me. Their customer service sucks, and their doctors are untrained. I only went to Stark Smiles Thomas M Stark DDS MSD because it had good ratings in the internet which convinced me to get my checkup done by them since my previous dentist was no longer offered by my insurance plan, but deciding to visit this clinic was the worst decision I took in my life and couldn’t have been more regretful. My routine is tough so I had to cancel some of my plans to get the checkup, I called the Stark Smiles Thomas M Stark DDS MSD to book an appointment and they asked to come over around 2 days later. On the day of my appointment when I reached there, I was being told that the doctor had not come in today and asked me to visit the next morning. I was furious when I got to hear this because I had to cancel my important plans which were scheduled and there customer service is so poor that they didn’t even feel the urge to let their patients know about the absence of the doctor. Well, the next morning I went for the checkup and was being told that I had several cavities in my mouth that needed to be filled immediately. I asked the doctor that if the filling could be done without drilling he became rude to me and insisted me to get the fillings without any good clarification. He became nervous and told me if I am not going to get it filled it will hurt me a lot and will cause toothache and was trying to convince me to get the treatment suggested by him. I am an adult and obviously, I need a clear explanation why he was insisting me to choose the approach over the traditional one and since those cavities were in early-stage it would not hurt me immediately. I don’t find any valid reason why he got so much furious when I asked him questions. I asked him on which stage my cavities were and he was probably surprised by this question that how much I knew about it. Rather than answering my question, he went on to do his treatment. I was not happy when he started poking into my teeth with one of his equipment, because many dentists nowadays claim that the use of explorer will be increase the chance of decay. I was irritated and confused so I went to another clinic for a second opinion. There, I found out that I only had one cavity (instead of many) and it got treated in a day’s treatment as well. These guys were clearly lying to me for the sake of money.
I was certainly not happy with this experience and will not be going to visit this place again.

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