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Published: 19 September 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Today we are reporting the “company” / scam / website Stars And Stripes Marketing LLC via their website . The first “Scam” that owner, Kalen Arreola is running is copyright infringement. At the bottom of the named website MS. Arreola clearly states that her website was copyrighted in 2013. However, a few clicks of the mouse will show that the REAL Stars And Stripes Marketing (LLC or no LLC) was copyrighted in 2011, and has NOTHING To do with this website or Kalen Areola. Next, in researching a bit further we realized that first, it is impossible that she has a legitimate business, an LLC, is registered, or pays taxes. We found this out my searching the tax website in Vista, CA where MS. Arreola resides. Secondly, how can Ms. Arreola legitimately own a business that is ALREADY operational, and copyrighted to SOMEONE ELSE (to say the least)? The next scam / fraud that Kalen Arreola is committing is plagerism AND theft of intellucteual property. How do we know this? A couple more clicks of the mouse and we find that Ms. Arreola owns the domain to a second website: VintageNYCMAG.COM . We contacted this business : Vintage New York City Magazine (which is actually trademarked, and legit) for a comment. They would not give us one, but by looking at the Vintage New York City website under the REAL company’s domain: and comparing it to ANOTHER site that MS. Arreola is featured on you will clearly see how Ms. Arreola rips of the Vintage New York City website. With out facts of a prior history between the New York City Magazine company and Ms. Arreola we can only assume that Ms. Arreola’s plagerisim stems from sometimes of “groupie” mentality. Not only that, every site that Ms. Arreola has signed her name to takes and infringes upon other business’ intellectual property rights. Now, let’s visit this CA based FAKE business owner’s “services” listed on her rip off site: One of the main services offered on Ms. Arreola’s site is website development, followed by PR. First, we inquired about becoming a client via – Apparantley there is a FLAT fee of $2,500 and then some. Um, honestly have you seen the starsandstripesmkt site? YAWN! More importantly, we asked for refferals or references – Silence!!! To our knowledge, research, and through MS. Arreola’s own silence it is clear that she does NOT have any clients. Especially at the rate that she is going. Or is she does have “clients” we hope that this report will expose MS. Arreola and the website for the frauds they are. Secondly, Ms. Arreola offers Public Relations, yet returned a fee request of 15k for representation at one event — hahahahahah Okay, so this is probably the tip of the iceberg of the MS. Arreola’s scams and frauds via the NON “copyrighted” / STOLEN website. In all honesty, we simply spent about ten minutes researching the “legit company” (yeah right!). Not only did we find that it is NOT legit, but it is a huge scam and most likely Ms. Arreola is looking forward to lawsuits in her near future. Need Proof of these scams? Check out this link: It validates that the REAL company Stars And Stripes Marketing has been copyrighted to someone else in CO (not CA where MS. Arreola lives). Oh, and something else? Ms. Arreola is USING / STOLE the ORIGINAL COMPANY’S LOGO !! Lastly, just so Ms. Arreola can not get a way with all of her scams now that she knows she is exposed (and changes details) – We have photos.

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