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I would not recommend anyone to join this tyrannical place.

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Published: 06 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

After my father passed away, I was not able to focus on anything. All I did was eat, cry and sleep as I could not stay focused at all. The pain of losing a father was too much for me. It took me several months to realize that my father would not have wanted to see me waste my life this. He would have wanted me to stay disciplined and healthy, carrying on with life. It took me some time to come to terms with reality. I realized that I had put on too much weight and therefore I decided to learn Martial Arts as it would not only help me keep fit but also disciplined and calm. After doing some research, I decided to go to Star world Martial Arts.
On the first day, our instructor interacted with all of us and delivered a well-rehearsed speech about the significance of Martial Arts and how it is important to be disciplined and determined to learn Martial Arts. He asked everyone the reason why they joined and everyone told him including me. I had no idea that I would regret telling him that. I started going to classes daily to maintain a disciplined lifestyle. The duration of the classes was not fixed. Sometimes, it would be thirty minutes long while on some days, it exceeded two hours.
In the beginning, the classes were not too violent. Although our instructor was a bit too strict, it was tolerable. As time passed, our instructor’s temperament grew. HE would call me sometimes into the ring and ask me to fight him. Not being too experienced, I would give my best but still lose, because of obvious reasons. After ‘defeating’ me, he would call me a loser and that I would never be able to learn the art of winning. These words hurt me but I did not want those mere words to change the good person that I am.
This did not stop, often he would use his ‘power’ to shut me off and sometimes when I requested him to show one move another time to understand it more clearly, he refused to repeat by saying that I should be more attentive. All boundaries were crossed one day. I was not able to perform a certain kick because my knee hurt. Because of this, he told me that the fact that my father was no more among us was good, as he would have had to see his ‘loser kid fail at all things’. That was it. It was my breaking point. I snapped at him and told him that he is not worthy of even being called a human. That was my last day at Star world Martial Arts.
What I fail to understand is why a fitness center would put up false praises of the ‘Helpful and Understanding’ nature of its instructors or any other lie for that matter on their official website. Opening up to someone in a professional environment and getting such remarks in return took a toll on me.

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