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Published: 01 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Racist, examination under oath was modern day lynching, past crucifixion, tortured ex-clents, plays like kkk and mafia for reporting ugly truth of their involement in my home being robbed, State Farm adjustor mapped robbery, big coverup, diabled family paying on stolen items, State Farm attorney admitted he new they were in on home / buisiness of disabled commits aidding abetting, report to Govenor Deal, reported inside man aidding to Mr. Ralph T. Hudgen of Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner’s office Eddie Washington is inside man for State Farm, paid court room report Rachel Maddox with shady past to put false statements in my transcripts, State Farm ignoring physicle evidents to cover adjustor, over year long wait on this claim, now trying to claim fraud to cover adjustor so they can keep stealing, much more This letter was one of the replies to the hell State Farm has done to my family that may happen to you. You can use this if you have an up or coming suit against State Farm. Read all and keep a copy for your protection. Dear Mr. Ralph T. Hudgen of Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner, State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, Swift Currie Attorneys at Law, and Janice Baker & Associates and Federal Investigating Agencies You meant you canceled March 4th’2014, Please note I was robbed and you all paid Rachial Maddox CCR to put words in my mouth I did not say or do to cover Short Construction and State Farm theft of my home/ business. I got a letter from your inside man Mr. Eddie Washington O.C.I. the letter had claimed of me not cooperating when it was State Farm that canceled as I told you all on the phone you could have done it and I could correct both parts at the same time. I have had to dig proof with every lie you tried to put in my mouth by shady Rachial Maddox, CCR with many alias names in her life. I got one correction page to stuff you all pieced together that does not line up with what was said or asked on 1-28-2014. If you change one word of one of my emails to you all I can prove it. You all know I was robbed and still want to keep hurting me. This was and is a race crime. State Farm has paid people to commit crimes against my family 3/4 disabled (I, Leora, daughter, and son) for my telling the truth on State Farm and you all proven buddies by Bilinda D. Thomas on 2-28-2014 of Short Construction’s and State Farm involement in my home / business. I had to go to the people who is involved in my home/business to give me my stuff back. Bilinda D. Thomas can say what you want but I collect what I like and love and when my stuff in gone and you all make up lies on me who lives for GOD, you will pay the Most High God. This sickens me to my core to see racism from such a big company like State Farm. This was a straight out race crime. Too Many lies and I am very ill as you all know and don’t care. I am still working on this 80% bull from your end. These were not my statements and I can prove it. You all majorly trying to cover for Short Construction and State Farm’s Christopher Sultis theft of my home / business is illegal. Bilinda D. Thomas statement that she asked Short Construction about the theft recently and you all trying to trick me (Leora Sandidge) into signing that lie that Short Construction were not in my home and lies like they refused to do the job, when in fact they refused to give me the names of the workers who worked in and on my home / business proves you are all aiding and abetting in this hate crime against disabled, black ,God loving, big kid hearted who has autism, arthritis, epilepsy,fibermisalgia, with bad heart etc., that has tons of proof of ownership. I have made it clear to State Farm, your attorneys, and Mr Eddie inside man Washington off I felt State Farm was working with Short Construction made a key to my doors when the guy was disappearing in and out my attic from different ends. The gloves I showed and ATt&T box we will have to pay to replace if we ever went back to AT&T Bilinda D. Thomas took pictures of shows you all love playing games with other people lives. Dear Mr. Ralph T. Hudgen of Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner, State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, Swift Currie Attorneys at Law, and Janice Baker & Associates and Federal Investigating Agencies This is a reply to investigations and Reply to Swift Currie Attorneys at Law who canceled for State Farm on March 3,2014 for March 4, 2014 end of the examinations under oath after Bilinda D. Thomas told my family and me that you all have been talking to Short Construction Inc. about the theft of Sandidge’s home / business after lying to us about State Farm’s Christopher Shutis’s involvement in the robbery, except for State Farm’s attorney Thomas Martin who I quote after I said State Farm was in on my home being robbed.” Stated on transcript page 7 lines 10 through“ I know this but nevertheless.” Then went on to try to set me up to sign to Iies like I never said Short Construction refused to do the job, were in fact they refused to give me the names of the people who worked in and on my home.) and, State Farm Fire and Casualty Company (here by” State Farm”) Mr. Ralph T. Hudgens over O.C.I. about Mr. Eddie Washington who claimed he investigated case number 555173770 given by O.C.I. in 30 seconds after never reading any emails or proof sent by fax and verified by OCI Mr. Washington himself. Celeste C. Dodson, CPCU Claims Manager, Belinda D. Thomas State Farm, Marcus Dean and Thomas Martin of Swift Currie Attorneys at Law January 28,2014 was not an examination under oath it was a modern day lynching past crucifixion of a good, BLACK, disabled, odd, God loving person who owned a lot and State Farm, Short Construction, OCI for not investigating, Rachel Maddox of Janice Baker & Associates who did the transcripts for now Clayton County Chairman Jeff Turner 2007 when my daughter and I had sued him (fishy some would think), Swift Currie Attorneys at Law, Celeste C. Dodson, CPCU Claims Manager. All these name have committed aiding and abetting and can be proven I, Leora Sandidge disabled mentally and physically from birth who filed claim after months of being deathly ill checked the box for email type of communications with the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner. Not one email replied or answered at State Farms request. (audio proof will provided on internet) Before we start read “Formal letter of intent to collect / Affidavit, after your crew stole my merchandises, home items, & tore out my Phone Lines” and compare to copy wrote by Court Report Rachel Maddox with shady past. Mr. Eddie Washington of OCI did not have an email address on his letter to me one of many red flags that lead me to ask for a replacement of him or someone else to monitor him with my over 8 pages of complaint. (so please apply rule …O.C.G.A 24-3-14 (2007),……….. so that this reply can be used in any and all court rooms in America with my Leora Sandidge permission in life or in death as eye witness to any prasequti). I have written proof of evidence tampering during the entire investigation that proves illegal actions done to me Leora and family after reporting a State Farm adjuster was in on the mapping the robbery of my home after neighbor tree fell on our home during “HAIL Storm” State Farm put as wind damage. Due to the fact State Farm adjuster was in on my home being robbed and I told State Farm. State Farm went to every length to hurt me and my family this is now a criminal matter done to the Sandidges not just civil. Examples 1.State Farm hired Swift Currie Attorneys at Law November 27th,2013 and same date, November 27th,2013 the money was put back into our new insurance company got put back in my home mortgage payment bought though mortgage company, Wells Fargo. The plan we got from Wells Fargo got put back in our account with no notice. I have made it clear I have no intention to move from my home captured in second sworn statement given to State Farm investigative adjustors Jeff Crandon (name on audio) and Robby Ross for State Farm. We were not behind with Wells Fargo so now I felt the dirt coming from State Farm for telling on one of their people (retaliation and exploitation of this disable person for telling they went crazy so please apply rules O.C.G.A 24-3-14 (2007) and they (State Farm) teamed up with Short Construction have audio proof of Belinda D, Thomas saying they told her) we three (Sandidges) asked who is they? Belinda D, Thomas proved State and Short Construction were all in on Sandidge’s home / Internet business being robbed. When I proved I got the stuff for my personal use State Farm hire Swift Currie Attorneys at Law to try to muddy my name and place a 3 sworn statement in play with statements I never said. I did not say and do a lot of things Janice Baker & Associates, Inc. employer of Rachel Maddox who has many alias names in her past for example Thomas Martin of has put down tree people worked on my home when in fact I have made it clear Pro Trees only removed neighbor’s tree off our roof. Lots falsified a lot of statements from CCR. To cover Short Construction and bringing Jeff Turner back in my life that I, Leora have not seen sense May 2, 2005. Now Clayton County chairman Jeffery Eugene Turner who because he never came to court after assaulting my oldest daughter and I, filing false charges of disorderly conduct on us on traffic tickets when he worker as security at Last Chance Thrift Store. I, Leora A. M. Sandidge of Rex Georgia cried when I saw State Farm attorneys had got , Janice Baker & Associates ,Inc. court room reporter from Butts County named who was hired by Swift Currie Attorneys at Law to place in my file false statements under my name under oath which was read by Swift Currie Attorneys at Law that proves defamation of my character. By attorneys reading the lies on me and claiming it was my sworn statement to place under my name as my sworn statement was defamation of my character and religious beliefs that I can sue Janice Baker & Associates for their works illegally altering what I have said to imply I admitted to illegal acts that I did not ever do and I can prove it. The statement altered proves that State Farm has been talking to Clayton County Chairman Jeffery Eugene Turner and I have not to benefit now Clayton County Chairman Jeffery Eugene Turner (here by Jeff Turner) and State Farm example: 1. After false charge of disorderly conduct, with no court date, in wrong venue, Jeff turner has sent me his picture on my business 2012. I did not do whole 12 months. My appeal was granted and I did 6 of 12 months but paid for 7 months. Only one that would benefit from a lie of I did whole 12 months on a sworn statement from me would be Jeff Turner, who Swift Currie Attorneys at Law, and State Farm contacted to hurt me for telling on their ajustor’s inI now see was willing to make that happen because I, Leora, told on one of there adjustors involvement mapping out the robbery of my home/business based on cartooning, so I don’t notice it quickly. 2. I made it clear to see if court room reporter Rachel Maddox was going to put what I said that Tameka Brown (Jeff Turner was Tanieka Brown’s landlord and I bet he never paid taxes on that money because he never mentioned it when I had to sue now Clayton (County Chairman Jeffery Eugene Turner and Last Chance Thrift Store where Turner worked security in 2005). Tanieka Brown told me Turner said next time it will be prison. Her name was left out and put as a lady. I said full names for the records. 3. Only one that benefits from Tanieka Brown being left out my transcript is to cover up for Jeff Turner’s input to continue hurting (torturing) me (Leora Sandidge disabled from birth) to this date Turner running for Clayton County Chairman and what he did to my family. Jeff Turner told Tameka Brown when Jeff Turner was running for Sherif to give me that message of next time it will be prison.. I updated my site to find Jeff Turner had someone hack my site to roll it back to when he was running for sheriff. I still have the page up. Turner also had someone put mama20$morgan on my mother’s obituary on my site with picture if you down load it off my page. I would never disrespect my mom like that. Mine on my pc has just mama Morgan. 4. Court room reporter, Rachel Maddox CCR proves that Jeff Turner had been involved with the statement tampering State Farm request by putting down I followed Turner behind a house I have never followed anyone when in fact I never saw Clayton County Chairman Jeffery Eugene Turner (here by Jeff Turner) since May 2, 2005 after he filed false charges on my oldest daughter and I for no good reason and he never came to court not once. 5. I do not mix Jeff names up. Jeff Turner year 2005 false charges made me miss my mother’s funeral, ete , Jeff Jones stole my (Leora’s) wood, bull float, and other stuff from under my home year 1999 and when I reported it to police they did nothing and would not write report so I told Jones come get your pots when you fix my wheel chair ramp and give me back my wood and stuff back. Then there is Jeff Crandon (his name is on CD home investigation by State Farm), State Farm investigator who came with Robby Ross State Farm investigator who gave me 27 inventory sheets for my theft claim after thy took ample pictures of my visa MasterCard sign on door, took my pci compliance certificate that was taped to game box, off my game box. Got case from Clayton County Police Officer Freeman and lied and claimed it was just a business card with no case number. When Officer Freeman put in his report he gave it to home owners and State Farm adjustor Jeff Crandon Please note Officer Freeman never gave me a card with case number on it. I Leora Sandidge reported that to State Farm. I have proof he lied and his lie proves State Farm has team up with Short Construction and his attorneys to try to not replace what they know they stole from my home/business thinking I did not have receipts because Short Construction workers stole a lot of the receipts I had bundled in the dining room drawers. They did not know I had more receipts hid other places. 6. I said not another Jeff so why rewrite it I said not another adjustor (my husband and I said that at same to Ex State Farm agent Mr. Paul James who kept my folder with a lot of my personal files and State Farm proof. We said not another Jeff, so Jeff and adjustor sounds nothing alike this proves you have two set of transcripts’ one given to me with all these lines like ——–to try to get me to sign and one without all the- — — — — with words I did not say to make your client happy with lies on me claiming I swore to the lies. This deceptive technique you all must have used a lot when I looked up complaint against State Farm and what mean stuff State Farm has done to them also. I strongly believe you have one transcript for me with all this — — — — lines in it and one with even worse lies on me Leora Sandidge (and other innocent people) without the lines, claiming I or they swore to it. How many innocent people have been put in jail form court room reporters lies they say in that thing they put on their face that looked like an athlete’s sports cup? 7. I never stole from any store. I have worked two to three jobs at all times from age 14 to age 34. So why put I stole from Last Chance Thrift Store where now Clayton County Chairman Jeffery Eugene Turner use to work when he filed the false charges on my daughter and I. Jeff Turner’s lies made me miss my mother’s funeral in Indiana and kept me from being with my mom when she got her breast removed from cancer as I begged for a court date where Turner got Judge Morris E. Braswell to do him a favor to make false charge stick out of correct venue. If a crime was done in at 1241 Mount Zion Road in Morrow Georgia I should have went to Morrow Georgia court house. Turner illegally paid judge to take away my freedom, leaving my mom to die without her last living child. So no way will I mix up Jeffs, so stop the bull. Top people covered for him in high places even when we had proof of Jeff Turner illegal actions. Eva Sandidge moved because she was afraid of Jeff Turner and his friends that would cover his illegal ways. She did not meet her husband she met off internet at that time so why did court room reporter put that lie with — — help constructing this lie claiming I said this under oath The amount of— lines all over my copy of so call testimony as Swift Currie Attorneys would like to put it was doctored to be defaming of my character and done to hurt this disabled person that lives for God. Rachel Maddox falsified a legal document for money claiming it to be my to my words when I had said nothing of the kind, I never said we pulled up the carpet in game room. Janice Baker & Associates, Inc. employer of Rachel Maddox how has many alias names in her past so why trust her with me or family statements when I gave my sworn statement titled “Formal letter of intent to collect / Affidavit, after your crew stole my merchandises, home items, & tore out my Phone Lines” . Mr. Ralph T. Hudgens I have faxed and emailed countless times asking who assigned Mr. Eddie Washington to case number 555173770 given to me (Leora Sandidge). This man, Mr. Eddie Washington of O.C.I. did not do an investigation proven by my full conversations I put on You Tube for my family and I safety. Mr. Eddie Washington in his own voice and words told me (Leora) he had not read not one of my over 8 pages of complaint plus tons of proof sent faxed 12-2-2013 and refaxed 12-6-2013 on December 31, 2013. I, Leora Sandidge (disabled, mentally and physically from birth) can prove that Mr. Eddie Washington of O.C.I. took something not to do his job leaving me and my family hurt. His not doing his job has gave State Farm the green light to hurt the Sandidges even more seeing how one of their adjusters by the name of Christopher Shultis (AKA Chris Shults and Chris Shultis) mapped the robbing of my home/business with Shannon Short with the Short Construction workers to do the dirty work. State Farm when they could not dig any dirt on me hired Swift Currie Attorneys at Law who hired Janice Baker & Associate’s Rachel Maddox who has a questionable past to falsify statement to put in my sworn statements that I, Leora Sandidge can prove. I live for the most the high God and want to please God not man so her altering so much in the 103 pages has left me no choice but sue all involved in trying to destroy my life if this matter is no cleared up soon where I can get some of the things back that was stolen from the Sandidge home/ business. See if the matter is not cleared up soon I will be forced to find an agency to see why she would alter my statements so much and file suit against Janice Baker & Associates, Swift Currie Attorneys at Law for hiring Rachel Maddox to alter my 3rd sworn statement 1st was “Formal letter of intent to collect / Affidavit, after your crew stole my merchandises, home items, & tore out my Phone Lines” 2nd was done at home with by Jeff Crandon and Robby Ross investigators who gave me 27 sheets to fill in my losts. Why so many if you feel I was not robbed as Belinda D. Thomas so rudely put because I am odd, strange, different, disabled from birth with what she feel I should have supper powers to watch people all over my house in phone conversation from home / business 3-2-2014 3rd by Swift Currie Attorneys at Law who hired Janice Baker & Associate’s Rachel Maddox who falsified a lot of information claim I swore to it which I can prove I did not do or say nor mix up any of the three Jeffs , nor followed anyone when I have a hard time walking and not good with road directions noun . the act of defaming; false or unjustified injury of the good reputation of another, as by slander or libel; calumny: She sued the magazine for defamation of Court Report Rachel Maddox has no excuse for mixing up crucial information it was all intentional This letter is to let you know what proof that was already sent and ignored and to let Attorney Tom (is that for Thomas) Martin of Swift Currie Attorneys at Law, thank you for proving State Farm knows I was robbed and an adjustor Christopher Shlutis was in on it. Read deposition Page 7, lines 10 through 12 A“State Farm was in on my house being robbed you said Q I understand that but nevertheless” that you have a right to an attorney (STATE FARM has covered this crime in the Sandidges house with help of Definition for nevertheless , adv. In spite of that; nonetheless; however: a small, nevertheless fatal error. More than 80% of court transcript sent to my home at 6885 Maple Grove Court Rex Georgia wrote by Rachel Maddox of Janice Baker & Associates who Swift Currie Attorneys at Law hired and trust house being too much Why send me one page to put corrections on when you have over 80% line, line, line (—)or never said statements by me Leora Sandidge that I can prove. List of things I never said. I never said I stole from Last Chance Thrift Store or any store. This straight out racist, bigoted behavior, by State Farm only proves you all are targeting black money knowing you don’t want to pay out legit black people claims. State Farm has proved that they feel if a black man has a lot it must be stolen even if we hold the receipts you call it for sale or stolen. This must stop State Farm. I Leora Sandidge, know some of the kindest white people that would be sicken by the way you all have treated me and my family over our own stuff. We disable young people and disabled mother of 50 years that collect cars, dolls, baseball cards, games, gaming systems, costumes, wigs, makeup, masks, automotive stuff, high techno stuff, lights, computer stuff and so much more. State Farm you have proven your selves as corrupt bigots and by rule O.C.G.A 24-3-2 “ has to stop” I never pulled my game room/ garage carpet up I was standing on the carpet and felt the pavement floor crack under my feet. I never said I was hand cuffed so you all got that off video from my autistic daughter who saw me put my hands out after Jeff Turner had hurt me when I was getting my purse and cane out the buggy. Now Clayton County Chairman Jeff Turner had HAND CUFFS OUT” but I stepped back when he tried snatching at me. He only had one pair on him (as and off duty officer he was not supposed to have them on him (so Jeff Turner lied and said later he went to his car and got them) . When Jeff Turner got out side he slammed my oldest daughter by one arm to concrete stepped on her. Now Clayton County Chairman Jeff Turner, I gave proof to State Farm about him by fax why we do not let people in our home / business but rarely. So I can prove State Farm, all were not putting what I said on purpose which is a form of tampering with evidence on you all’s part slander me with help from courtroom reporter Rachel Maddox claiming I said things I did not say. State Farm has concealed rules and never gave rules till after the theft of my home/ business. We were with state Farm 22 years when we were dumped. I have not concealed anything yet State Farm has. So who plays games with no rules? A fool and I am not a fool. September 5, 2013 is the first time I or my family received rules 2 a through e. State Farm withheld rule 1 till February 18. 2014. State Farm told me after they canceled March 4th2014 part 2 after storm LEON came, not us stopped that. State Farm canceled and then we got a letter from the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner Mr never check of replied not one of my emails Mr. Eddie Washington who claims I been putting off when I have not. (audio proof provided) State Farm did not have to postpone so I could correct all papers at once I had brought my box that was torn off my home, gloves they use of mine, portable tv, dvd, vhs player destroyed the was in the room they went in to make the attic steppes in my husband’s room by State Farm’s buddies Short Construction Inc. State Farm paid attorney Thomas Martin of Swift Currie Attorneys at Law to try to get my family put out our home Heck my websites and pcs Paid courtroom report Rachel Maddox (with shady past) to falsify my transcript with lies like Short Construction was never in my home. Courtroom reporter Rachel Maddox because I am black and disabled and have site problems exploited my condition for money. Rachel Maddox thought I was not going to read the lies she put in my Leora name with only one correction sheet numbered 104. The last page was 105 and that page was on the certificate page. Why did courtroom reporter Rachel Maddox place in my statement lie and put Short Construction refused to do job when in fact they refused give me the names of workers who worked on and in my home /business. Read and compare “Formal letter of intent to collect / Affidavit, after your crew stole my merchandises, home items, & tore out my Phone Lines” notarized 7-24-2013. I will at a later date via internet for our safety (audio proof provided) on Mar 03, 2014, Dean, Marcus wrote: Dear Mr. and Mrs. Sandidge, We were informed on Friday that Ms. Sandidge received her examination under oath transcript but expressed some serious concerns about its accuracy. We learned that Ms. Sandidge is in the process of making significant changes to the transcript. As of Friday, we had not received a copy of Ms. Sandidge’s changes. Therefore, State Farm has cancelled the examinations scheduled for tomorrow, March 3, 2014, so that we can examine the transcript changes. Please forward the signature page(s) containing Ms. Sandidge’s changes as soon as possible. If you already sent the signature pages to the court reporter, we will obtain the signature pages directly from the court reporter. Please reply to this email as soon as possible to verify that you received this email. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Attorney Marcus Dean at 404-888-6136.

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