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Published: 16 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I was employed by Walt Muller and know first hand that he does not pay his employees their wages or commissions as promised. He also doesn’t return phone calls to his customers. He continues to blame his employees for his customers leaving, but the truth is they are leaving because he won’t return their calls! He will give the customer incorrect information because it’s what they want to hear, then hand the work off to one of the employees to handle and then they have to inform the customer that it can’t be done that way and then the employee has to deal with the angry customer and it makes the entire office appear inefficient. He speaks to his employees horribly! Dropping frequent F bombs directed at them and even calling them “dumb” and “stupid”. I have NEVER experienced anything like this ever in all my employment years! He threw frequent ” fits”, yelling and cursing, that were absolutely ridiculous. He constantly changed the commission pay schedule so that he could cheat the employees who worked on commission out of their earned pay. I didn’t work on commission, but observed this regularly. It was next to impossible to get him to purchase the most basic of office supplies and we frequently ran out of the things we needed to do business and would go several days or sometimes weeks without them. We even ran out of toilet paper for the office for a few days because because he wouldn’t buy any! How ridiculous is that! I purchased some much needed office supplies once, with his permission, and it took two months of constant emails and reminders to get him to reimburse me the $20 I spent on them. He wouldn’t pay me my monthly gas reimbursement that he owed me back for 6 mths, even though I sent constant reminders and mentioned it frequently. I even had a payroll check bounce due to NSF! This man is just an immoral, dishonest, lying, crook!

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