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Published: 12 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

On 7/17/2014 I went to Staline Mart & Smoke Shop, a place I have been many times before. While browsing I saw a Snoop Dogg Gpen for $45 +tax and thought it was an awesome deal so I purchased it. After returning home about ten minutes later I opened the product and went to charge the battery. The battery piece would not connect to the charger, I even tried it on another charger I have and though it for that one it wouldn’t charge. I immediately returned to the store to speak to the guy who sold it to me and right away he accused me of switching the battery out with a fake one without even thinking about it. I pleaded with him explaining that he knows me, I’m a loyal customer, and I am not trying to rip him off. I did not ask for a refund, I only wanted him to exchange the battery for a working one. He refused and continued to say I was the one trying to scam him and he can’t help me. I will also add he would not look me in the eye and kept laughing in appropriately. I left the store and decided to call the company to see if this had happened with any other pen that another customer purchased so I could prove to the store they sold me the product that way. The company told me that if the pen was that cheap it is a knockoff because they do not allow distributors to sell their product at any kind of discount. I sent them pictures of the product and they confirmed it was fake. I called the store back to tell him he sold me a fake product and told me it was real and that isn’t right but he continued to say all his products are real and I’m lying I put a fake one in the box. I told him that if he was selling real products then that would be illegal because the company said no one can sell them for less. He says he got it from somewhere else (stolen? sounds like it to me) and he can sell whatever he wants for whatever price he wants. I told him either way whether he is selling fake products (that don’t work) and telling customers they are real or if he is selling real products that had to be stolen if they weren’t from the company, then either way what he is doing is illegal. He told me to call the police and hung up. Clearly I am not going to bother the police, he didn’t give a receipt of course and I didn’t think twice because I have shopped at this store before and he never gives receipts, and I have reported the business to the BBB. I do not want to let this man get away with this, and I would really appreciate someone helping me so he doesn’t think he can keep doing this.

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