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It was a horrendous experience.

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Published: 21 May 2019

Posted by: Gerald

I recently moved to Boca Raton from London and I knew nobody here. I found everything using Google Maps and when I needed to find a good orthodontist I looked nowhere else but here. Statler Orthodontics has a stellar 5-star rating on Google Maps which was quite impressive because I used to think that it is very difficult to get such an excellent rating. Later I did find out that Statler Orthodontics bought these reviews and most of them were fake.

I went to Statler Orthodontics last month and the most disappointing thing about their facility was their staff members. I don’t have grudge against anyone from Statler Orthodontics, however, the staff is just pathetic. I do understand that the doctor should take more responsibility for the things that happen around at the office, however, with the lame staff that this clinic has, no one can do anything about it. It is like, they hired all the backbenchers for the job. The staff is really dominant in their office and no one actually listens to the doctor, instead, they will do anything they want to. Some of the previous patients told me that some Dr K used to be the main doctor here and things were a thousand times better when he was around. The staff they have now treat the patients in the most cringy way possible. I was sitting at the reception while waiting for my appointment and I saw that two of the staff members were talking to each other and giggling while one was pointing her finger at me. The doctor at Statler Orthodontics forced me to get some preventive therapy which cost me more than six hundred bucks. I only came to this clinic for simple cleaning and they were trying to sell me all kinds of different services. When I reached home from the clinic, I started experiencing some pain in my teeth and the next day I booked another appointment at a different dentist to find out what the problem was. It turned out that the doctor actually applied too much pressure on my teeth while cleaning, and it has damaged the roots of my teeth. He told me to be very careful when choosing an ortho and he also advised me not to rely on the 5 starred reviews online. I’m never going back to Statler Orthodontics again and I would advise everyone from Boca Raton to avoid this place at any cost. I’m 100% sure that you can find better and more affordable options when it comes to dental care. You don’t have to go to scamming places like Statler Orthodontics, to get a good dental procedure done. My experience at Statler Orthodontics was so bad, that I still can’t get over it. I hope that nothing like this happens to you and to make sure that it doesn’t stay away from shady corporate offices. I am going to find another ortho for my dental needs as well, but this time I will not rely on the 5-star reviews 🙂

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