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The gas used is a nitrous oxide that is harmful to kids.

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Published: 21 July 2019

Posted by: Jayde

Kids need good dental care from an early age. My son visited Steel Creek Pediatric Dentistry Home and I regret every second of our visit at that dentist.

The practice is not certified to be called a practice for kids. My child did not feel comfortable at Steel Creek Pediatric Dentistry Home. The staff was unfriendly. The lack of patient care for my child allowed for discomfort and uncomfortable experience.

I had trust in this dentist to make a good impression on the patient I didn’t see the confidence in my son and knew it is not the place for a child.

It is not a choice for any child to sit and cry on the uncomfortable seats, my child did not feel happy at the dentist. The staff don’t show a warm welcome and ignored my child’s tears and refused to help calm him through the long wait.

The poorly trained staff showed no interest in patients to make them feel less uncomfortable during dental examinations. Staff members failed to make my child’s experience a pleasant one at Steel Creek Pediatric Dentistry Home.

The poorly educated staff ignored my son’s needs for comfort in the dentist’s rooms. My son’s first experience with the dentist wasn’t as friendly and confident for a child at the age of five.

The focus at Steel Creek Pediatric Dentistry Home is not the patients but the staff’s leisure. They don’t give children the best care. Staff members lack good relationships with kids and families. It’s a dental care facility that is not developed into professional practice.

My son at a young age had a toothache and a visit to Steel Creek Pediatric Dentistry Home was my idea to solve this nagging pain. The option to apply a sealer on the sore tooth, to collecting up of debris from food sounded a great idea. But the staff did not know how to assist us or the dentist in this procedure. At that moment everything looked bad.

The weak seal didn’t last a day and my child had the toothache again and with tears in his eyes from the toothache, I tried to stay calm for both of us. Poor quality of dentist materials and lack of knowledge from staff members is a failure to care for patients. I won’t be going back to Steel Creek Pediatric Dentistry Home again.

I don’t recommend the practice to parents with kids. Steel Creek Pediatric Dentistry Home is not fully equipped with quality materials for dental care. The practice doesn’t have trained staff to care for children and is not liable for kids. Children need to feel less pain and to not be treated as an adult at Steel Creek, Pediatric Dentistry Home staff members neglect to care for kids. I don’t recommend the practice for its lack of respect for families. The expensive treatments are not worth the risk to any child’s dental care with low-quality of materials.

The local anesthetic for kids is not safe and shouldn’t be used on kids. Children are not safe with procedures that have toxic treatments.

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