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Published: 11 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Here’s the deal with all of these companies, ESPECIALLY SteelMaster LLC. If they cannot show the prices on their website, they are liars, cheats, and frauds. Steelamster LLC has dozens of websites. All of them offer access to their information, and special pricing on the next page if you just fill out all of you contact info. If you give them your phone, it will ring 5-10 times a day. When 1 agent fails to get you, another agent from another state will start calling, and this often overlaps so that you have 2 or 3 people all offering you the “”extra building someone else ordered that happens to be just what you are looking for.”” The same goes for their email tactics. ANd don’t think you are safe by just giving your name – they will find the rest through basic search and you will get the calls anyhow. In addition, they are all run by adult children. SteelMaster might refuse your order after you have been hammered for months because the “”owner of the day”” has a fit and “”doesn’t need your damn business.”” Notice how they use each-others pictures, offer the same products? Well folks, this isn’t a rocket science business. Tha machinery to make these literaly fits on a truck. Real steel building contractors show up to a building sight and cold-roll your profiles right there. These have a slight extra process in that the have to punch holes and shrink the steel into curves, but you get the idea. There are very few factories set up to make these buildings. They are ALL THE EXACT SAME PRODUCTS. Know that company X, who is also company Y and Z all buy there steel from the same cold-rolled factory. Most of the time, their hated competition does too. What you buy from X,Y,Z is the same as A,B,C it just comes down to price, and if they actually have it. If they are a real “”dealer,”” then after 30+ years in business, they know what sells the most, and any dealer would have those units in stock – Especially since the roofs are the same in each shape, you only have uprights and total width variances. The length is only the total number of 2 foot sections you choose. So again, a dealer would have 2 arches in 3 different styles al ready to go, and simply have to package the correct number of arches for you and print out your plans. Why this industry is about the lowest of the low, I cannot tell you. In general, if you are at 1500 sq ft, and over $7000, you are paying too much, as well as getting scammed. If they have it in stcok as they always claim, I suggest calling their bluff and picking it up the next day. If it is available you get the great deal they promised, if the demand a deposit for the price, it is a scam. PERIOD .

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