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Published: 21 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Do not contact these people via their website. Today I was targeted and preyed upon as a patient. Little did they realize that I myself am a physician and understand rules of conduct. I had contacted this site a few days ago looking into stem cell treatment for a disorder I have. They have a patient, with my disorder, who even had a testimonal video of his response. After a few days of more research, I learned about complaint that have been made by others regarding their practices and business. I’ll leave that part to you to research. Today I received a phone call by and person representing himself as someone with Stem Cell of America and only gave his first name as Ken. When he called I immediately informed him that I was no longer interested in pursuing treatment with them. His voice raised and yelled at me “”why?”” I began to explain that I had been reading on the web information and reviews, he immediately began to shout at me that everything on the web were lies and I should watch the video of their patient. I kept trying to interject that I had but he constantly cut me off and literally continued to scream at me. Once he needed to take a breath, I said, I will answer your questions for me once you stop shouting and allow me to speak. Yes I had seen the video. He asked if I wanted to speak to the person who was treated and I said no. He berated for not wanting to speak to someone. At that point I then said, well if you get to ask questoins then so do I. I questioned why they do not publish their data. I advised him that I am a physician and educator in medicine. His response to me was absolutely shocking as a clncian. He responded, “”so I’m supposed to write an artice based upon treating only one guy with your particular disease?’ My response was yes, this is what is called a case study with a novel approach to therapy. In fact I have two similar articles myself in review as we speak. They were novel approaches to uncommon disorders with medications that had not been tried before. Simple statement. But I then had to point our that when you make statements as your site does and are unwilling to share your data, this is where fraudlent practices begin. If you won’t tell, then you have somethng to hide. He once again began to yell at me and tell me not to call him a fraud. I then stated that I was not interested and to not call me anymore. To my amazement, one hour later I received a phone call from the person who was in the video testimony. I asked how he had my phone number and stated that Ken said I wanted to talk with him and gave him my number. I told him that was not the case and now he is perhaps the innocent victim in harrasement. I informed him he was to delete my number and not call me again, but if I did heare from him again, I would take legal action. When I attempted to contact Ken again, he lied stating that I said I wanted to speak to the testimonial patient. I once again informed him that was not the case. In this country we have a law called HIPPA which prevents people from sharing any personal protected health information without your expressed “”written consent”” and not verbal consent. So only did he share my phone number with someone I did not wish to talk with, he also divuldged my diagnosis with this person The minum fine for such action can be $10,000.00 per incident. My name, number, and diagnosis at this point is now $30K fine. Informed him that he was not to share my name, number or diagnosis with anyone. He hung up on me twice. But what is more concerning here other that giving out my information is that this is typical predatory behavior. He failed to realize that even when I answered the phone as “”Doctor….”” he began to berate me and belittle me. People with rare, untreatable diagnoses are often desparate to try anything. His attacks were designed to get me to change my mind and have them treat me. This is illegal, immoral, and unethical. Do not contact these people. If you decide to not work with them they will prey upon you and your fears, give out your information to other people, etc. This was worse than dealing with a used car salesman. Avoid this center at all costs. Since they do not practice in the US you cannot contact the medical licensing board to file a complaint, nor even call the Better Business Bureau. Shameful. How does this man sleep at night?

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