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Published: 26 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

“The Sterling Group DKI: Poor Workmanship Triggers Mental Anguish for Senior Citizen in Poor Health… On October 22 of 2007, Steven Hartmann owner of The Sterling Group DKI submitted an estimate of $5,127.33 plus additional overcharges to Carol J. Schrader’s insurance adjuster. This estimate was for a water damaged bathroom. Carol J Schrader (age 65) was in poor health during the time period when The Sterling Group DKI began repairing the water damaged bathroom. From beginning to end of the entire repair process the subcontractors or hired help were simply careless and disrespectful about her property. For example: Tools such as a wrench was dropped in the bathtub thus causing a cosmetic chip. There was no excuse for this or apologies apparently ever made to Carol J Schrader from Steven Hartmann owner of The Sterling Group DKI. Nor from any representative. Clean-up was not thorough. In other words, in commercial construction you always protect the floor with carpet or floor protection where you are entering & leaving the place of construction or repair while preventing dust with plastic or visqueen sheeting. This was not done. Why was my mother reportedly always forced to clean up the workers dust after they left? For the costly repair of $5,127.33 and additional overcharges you would expect to see a newly restored bathroom considering how small it is! Would you not expect to at least see a new bath tub, toilet, and sink? If you were repairing or remodeling your small water damaged bathroom wouldn’t you use this opportunity to replace the old/dated bathtub and Tub/shower wall with a brand new updated version? Especially, if the costs were cheaper to replace instead of repairing? Why would you pay more money to repair something when it‘s cheaper to replace with something new? Steven Hartmann simply wanted maximum profit. This presumptuous decision caused my mother emotional distress to the point of mentally breaking down and crying! Apparently it was a major hassle dealing with Steven Hartmann and The Sterling Group DKI about this issue. In the end she was not satisfied and ended with a lackluster remodeled bathroom. The Mental Anguish Begins with Poor Workmanship If a licensed general contractor like is experienced in water damage repair, charges you over $5000.00 to repair and fix the plumbing problem or cause of the water damage… Wouldn’t you rightfully expect to see this remedied, instead of having the costly water damage coming back to haunt you at a later time? Especially, when this could have been easily avoided w/o getting scammed financially then drained emotionally because of stress? Wouldn’t you rightfully expect a licensed general contractor like , who claims to be experienced in water damage repair to totally fix the plumbing or water leak problem which caused the damage? Especially, if Steven Hartmann and The Sterling Group DKI expected you to pay over $5000.00 to remedy the problem? My mother Carol J. Schrader was already disappointed with cosmetic appearance of the remodel/water damage repair. However, my mother and others noticed the smell of Urine in the bathroom which was disconcerting within 6 months of the plumbing repair, which Steven Hartmann owner of The Sterling Group DKI overcharged her $1513.13 for! Carol J. Schrader, the homeowner complained about this to The Sterling Group DKI and to her Insurance adjuster, but absolutely no action was ever taken to remedy the foul smelling smell of urine. “Take the money and run should to be the new mission statement of Steven Hartmann and/or The Sterling Group DKI when it comes to customer service, instead of honesty and integrity.” My mother became really nervous about using the toilet because of all the hassles and costly damage repair bills she incurred. It was almost unbelievable to see her reaction when even mentioning the bathroom for any purpose!

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