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Published: 10 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I purchased my brand new Nissan Altima 2015 in late October last year, used it for daily commute to work which is only about 25 mins away from home. I was happy with it until my first oil change at the dealership, Sterling McCall Nissan on Hwy 59 Stafford TX, 2 weeks ago. My car engine died 3 days after the oil change, please note that I am talking about a brand new vehicle which I just bought for about 5 months and has only 5000ish miles on it. This is how it happened. I did my first oil change on a Saturday, did not drive the car on Sunday. Then on Tuesday, while driving on highway, a warning sign “LOW OIL PRESSURE” showed up, the car then stops and I was still in the middle of road. IT WAS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!!! Luckily, other cars avoid me and I was able to get off the road safely. My friend and I called towing service and got the car to dealership, then checked the dipstick by engine and realized that IT IS COMPLETELY DRY….!!! At this point I seriously assume the dealership drain the engine oil and forgot to add new oil during the oil change 3 days ago. So we waited hours at Sterling McCall services, finally the service consultant came asked us to leave the car for investigation, said that they will contact me soon (so why don’t they just said this when we walked in? and not to have us waste our time waiting there?). Anyways, I waited all day Wednesday but no calls at all, so I called service center myself, the consultant told me that they are still trying to find out the issue. Then I waited again until Thursday afternoon (it really bothered me that they did not provide me a rental car at this point, I had to ask around for help while wait for the response), I called again to check the status. This time, they just said they will replace my engine and nothing else. It is covered warranty, but I will have to wait approximately 3 weeks (or maybe longer!) for my car to be fixed. SO a new car with engine died at 5000ish miles. I know I can’t just assume Sterling McCall messed up my car during the oil change because they avoid to answer my question “why there is no engine oil in the car?” But even if not, it would still be sucks for a brand new, just out of factory vehicle, to die in 5 months. So my car will be fixed BUT with a major repair on my car record, which depreciates my car value. I am NOT happy with this and TRULY DISAPPOINTED with Nissan’s service center!!!!!! I just want to share my story, so buyers like me can be aware of what could happen! If you are to purchase a new car, make sure to go with a bigger brand/more reliable car company so you won’t get a bad lemon car or let unreliable dealership service center mess up your car!!!

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