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Published: 31 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Mr Steven M.Dills comes arcoss as a very trustable person and very likeable. But truth is he isn’t even close to that. He will mislead you and at the end you will come up empty. Steven M. Dills is a con man in my opinion and should be in jail. He had me and my investor’s put Millions of dollars of real estate under contract for which I (WE) did. at great cost to us But surprise surpise at the end all I (we) got was suitsuits and OUR good name’s trashed. while he hides away in Decuter IL. But we do have 100’s of email and texts,and even recorded phones for which he does know we have as well as overa year and a half of broken promises and deadlines blown long bye from him and his people ( thats a joke). But what I can say is hiw own wife called him a liar and con man. He Lives with his (86 year old) Mother and has no computer and works off his IPhone. Well that should have been a clue….. He will tell you anything for you to give him your projectsand business plans and tell you he will get it done for you. he will tell you he has to invest his money into project that will put people to work and builds our country. he will make you believe he’s going to do it for you. But at the end you will need a bag of popcorn because the drama will start. He will use all the right terms like bank grantee””s, bonds etc……He will tell you he has a contract with the D O D (dept of defense)and has General””s and Admiral’s that he is working with. He will also tell you he’s working with high ranking govermental offical’s. But when we started looking into his background we found not one thing that would support one thing he said.. And when I called him to make him come to the table he had the guts to call the police on me. he lies, steal’s, and misleads and the law tells me i’m wrong…. I call this the undiscover mini Madoff. but as most victims we are left to live the nightmares while his tpye continue’s to hurt other’s. Now anyone who reads this before doing business with him STOP!!!!!! check him out… BECAREFUL………..And if you are doing business with him please be very careful failure is where you are heading……… Good luck to all .

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