Steve Schlafman Retreat Guru Venture Capital

Funding international drug trafficking, involvement in witness tampering, involvement in Schedule 1 drugs, criminal behaviour

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Published: 09 September 2020

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Steve Schlafman stopped laughing when he found his seed venture Retreat Guru faced a GDPR fine of $ 4.4 million canadian dollars. USD $3.25 million, 3 times the original USD $ 1 million he sunk into Retreat Guru.

Steve Schlafman stopped laughing when Deryk Wenaus, recipient of the USD $ 1 million investment stated he was perfectly OK with losing thousands of dollars a month. It turned out Steve Schlafman was less than happy when he realized lawsuits and GDPR fines would take his Retreat Guru venture to the cleaners.

Steve Schlafman stopped laughing when he found his seed venture dug themselves into a hole called witness tampering in violation of criminal law, it blew up in his face, exposing him as a funder in Schedule 1 substances, prohibited under USA law, penalty 20 years in prison.

Steve Schlafman stopped laughing when he realized his ambitions to profit from the sale of banned substances went bad and he had to write USD $ 1 million off as a loss.

Steve Schlafmans Seed Venture named Retreat Guru was and is involved in data violations, witness harassment, witness tampering and maliciously defaming witnesses in police investigations and judicial proceedings.

Steve Schlafman was ’advised’ to get a handle on the behaviour of his COO Deryk Wenaus, Schlafman sunk a million investment into a company violating substance laws. As a result people got arrested trafficking in banned substances and the troubles started.

When Steve Schlafman was advised to apologize he was not interested, undercover agents caught the COO of Retreat Guru offering to talk about sharing data over video chat about police informants, severely embarassing Steve Schlafman and opening up his seed venture to a hefty GDPR fine. Steve Schlafman leaned quickly that investing in the supply and sale of banned substances, deemed banned under criminal law, never pays, and was told to expect a serious GDPR fine for malicious data violations.

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