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Narcissist, Cheater and a Scammer

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Published: 19 March 2019

Posted by: James Stallings

Steve Siebold is a major celebrity. In fact he is one of the biggest names in the motivation speaking industry. He has a great background as he has been featured in a number of platforms. WIth all these various achievements under his belt, it’s easy to trust this guy. But to be honest, he is a scammer. He is a self-centered, egoistic, ignorant fool. He is a greedy money hogger who is too good to speak at a small event.

I have had a really rough experience with Steve and his company. I can tell you, he is one of the worst people to work with. All the client testimonials you see on his website are a result of his sucking up and whorish tendencies. In reality, he is just an egoistic man who steals money from commoners and doesn’t give a shit about the  pain he is causing to others.

All the praise you hear about him everywhere is false. It is a result of paid actors, luxurious marketing campaigns and lots of lies. Steve lives in a cool mansion and I bet he has built that mansion with the blood and sweat of his innocent victims.

I am usually a very nice guy but Steve doesn’t know what kind of enemy he has created. If you’re a follower of Steve, my story would surely shock you and it might even make you a hater, which is good, because in the end, what matters is the truth.

All those videos where Steve is sharing motivational crap and all those people saying he is such a wonderful person, they all are misleading. They don’t show you the truth and they certainly don’t show you the real behaviour of Steve Siebold.

My personal experience with Steve has been one of the worst ones ever. It’s quite difficult to find negative content against this guy, right? Well, my story and this article will open your eyes.

Steve Siebold is a Money Hogging Jerk (My Story)

I run a simple manufacturing company in Texas. It’s a mid-size company and I have offices in a number of cities. Everything seems okay. But as an entrepreneur, I regularly feel the need to supercharge my employees and get them trained for more productivity and enhanced growth.

I bet most other business owners feel the same way. You want your employees to give their best and they can do that only if they have the right knowledge. I also know that as the business owner, it’s my duty to provide them with the required training. I should aid their professional growth. So when you’re looking for ways to train your employees, you’ll see different coaches and different training programs. I did, and after going through a large list of different professionals I ended up choosing Steve.

Now, the reason why I chose Steve at that time are quite obvious.

First off, there wasn’t anything negative posted against Steve online. It showed me that he was a reliable and credible coach. Apart from that he has authored my best selling books. Look at his life history and go to his website, you will see a thousand reasons why you should hire him.

I found later that they all are misleading. Steve works only for large MNCs. He doesn’t give a damn about you and your puny company. If you’re thinking of hiring him for an event of your company or for the training of your employees, beware, because he wouldn’t arrive. Trust me, it happened with me and since then, I have lost all faith in these Self-help gurus.

Steve is a clear liar and a guy with no sense of professionalism. He is living in a bubble of his own ego. It seems he doesn’t give a damn about the people who want to hire him. This strategy will put him in a lot of danger later because there are many businessmen like me and we don’t take such careless treatment kindly.

Steve has done a successful job in hiding his crimes and showing off his good side. He lives like a celebrity and he is a narcissist who bathes in his own ego. His website won’t tell you that. You wouldn’t find this information anywhere online. And you know why? Because he has hidden all this away from the internet.

I hired him because he seemed perfect. But according to the policy on his website, I had to pay them around $8,000 upfront for coming  and speaking at my company’s training event. I didn’t realize that this guy was simply ripping me off. His company steals money from people but I wasn’t aware of that. All I knew at that time was I was going to hire a keynote speaker who will guide my employees and teach them about sales and productivity.

I was actually happy at that time. I was thinking that I had made a great decision for my company. It would be a little change from the usual day-to-day hassle. Anyway, when I contacted those guys they discussed my event, the schedule and how I’ll have to arrange for the travel and everything.

He was supposed to just show up here and share his wisdom. I didn’t mind that. I was hiring him to do the same. Look, all this upfront payment wasn’t bugging me. The thing that bugged me happened a few weeks later. Apparently Steve didn’t have the time to speak at my company’s event. When I told them that I can reschedule the event to meet the timings of Mr. Busy, they told me to wait.
I waited but I didn’t receive any notification from them. I contacted them again and they told me that Steve has agreed to come to my event but it will cost a little extra. There was some ‘additional fees’ for hiring him to speak in a busy season. I thought this guy is seriously in demand and I ended up paying $8,000 more for no reason at all. At that time I was too focused on getting a celebrity like Steve to share his wisdom with my employees.

I wanted to impress them to be honest. But who knew that Steve was in reality a big scammer? He just wanted to steal my money and that’s it ! After I made the payment I didn’t receive any notification from Steve’s company again. I contacted them to discuss the event and they told me that they were sorry. The representative said something like, “We’re really sorry but Steve wouldn’t be able to make it to your event.”

I told them that they should let me speak to Steve about the event. And after a little discussion, they said Steve will arrive. What the hell?? What kind of professionalism was that? That last discussion had raised a number of red flags for me. I was now seriously afraid that I might lose my money. But Steve arrived. After I paid for his entire trip in a 5-star hotel and providing him with delicious food and hosting, he finally came to my event.

And do you know what he did?

He marketed his books.

Yes, the guy who is popular as one of the best keynote speakers and motivation gurus, simply marketed his different books and told my employees to start reading them. That was all he had to say. His keynote session lasted around 10 to 15 minutes. And when I asked him why he did that, he simply said, “You’re not a big company, you got what you paid for.”

And that’s it. He had already taken the rest of the payment from me upon arrival. And my $25,000 went to waste. I had to pay him around $8,000 after his arrival and spend a lot of money on his travel. All my efforts went into vain. My employees learnt shit. They didn’t learn anything and how could they?

This old guy who is just too full of himself came on the stage, introduced himself and then started discussing his different books. There wasn’t anything motivational in his speech and there certainly wasn’t anything about sales or productivity. All he shared was how good his books are and why everyone should invest in them.

His remark that my company is not big and I got what I paid for made me angrier. Because I had spent a lot of my money and resources into getting this guy to speak on my event. I wanted to do something special for my employees and give them world-class training from a renowned speaker. What I got was mere a 10-minutes advertisements of multiple books from a narcissistic old guy.

They didn’t issue me any refunds because according to them, Steve had already done his job. Now, here is what I think:

Steve is nothing more than a scammer and an egoist. If you make the mistake of hiring him to speak on one of your events, you’ll first have to beg his representatives and stuff their mouths with money. And when they agree to send this luantic to your event, he will prowl on the audience and start spitting praises about himself and his books. I thought self-help gurus were good but seeing Steve, I think these gurus need some mental treatment.

If you own a small company, Steve will simply waste your time. After all, he has a team of paid professionals who are ready to delete any negative complaint you post about him online. And don’t expect to get any refunds. All the money you stuff in Steve’s mouth will be gone.

His Social Media Presence

Steve Siebold has tried his best to become a “social media influencer”, but it seems that Mr. Monkey-Face doesn’t want to work hard for getting his followers, instead he relies on buying fake followers. He mainly uses Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook for the promotion of his products and services( which I have discussed in the section down below).

More than 70% of the US population uses social media and greedy money hoggers like Steve use it to  fulfill their  capacity.


Siebold is the most active on LinkedIn and has managed to buy a whopping 10k followers here. His profile description is just a copy-paste from his website’s about page and he hasn’t put any effort in optimizing his LinkedIn profile. It is very expensive to buy 10,000 followers on LinkedIn, from what I have read online, 250 followers cost $50, that means Siebold spent 2 grand just on fake followers on LinkedIn. Why am I so sure that his followers are fake? I’m not an expert but I know that a guy with merely 10 likes on his latest post, does not have ten thousand followers. I just don’t add up. Moreover, most of the content that he puts out on LinkedIn is bull*hit anyways.


I can’t say much about the Twitter account of Steve Siebold because it is just the most spammy thing I have ever seen. His old age and slow thinking skills are clearly portrayed on his Twitter page. It is full of links to his products, services, interviews, etc. And he does not provide any valuable info there as well. One thing his Twitter page does provide is the promos of his stuff. Any idiot who doesn’t know shit about the scammers will happily get manipulated from his Twitter handle.


I can’t believe that there are more than 1.7 BILLION people who use Facebook, that website is just irrelevant now and it has become a hub for fraudsters like Steve Siebold. The main reason scammers choose FB is because it is stupidly easy to get followers here. And Steve knows this, that is why he launched an FB page. His page has more than 5 thousand followers, which can easily fool people into thinking that he is a trustable guy. This is a psychological tactic that he uses, most of the people are going to trust a guy with 5k+ followers. What they don’t know is that it is extremely cheap and easy to get fake followers on FB.

It is a shame that these social media platforms don’t take any steps against scammers like Steve Siebold, who sell their shitty products using these websites.

The Products He Sells in His Events

There are many products and services Steve sells, however, most of them are mainly hyped ones and they don’t do exactly what they claim to. This guy sells so many different things that I can’t even discuss them without having a headache. My employees would surely know about Steve’s products after all, they heard him speak about them only.

In this section I am going to tell you about the four of his mian products, which are heavily promoted by him and his marketing team. My personal experience with Steve Siebold’s products hasn’t been very pleasant, and that is because he makes a lot of false promises and claims on the descriptions and promotions of his products.

Bill Gove Speech Workshop

If you have given up on life and you are on the way to become a monk, the dumping your money on this workshop is going to be a great option for you. The Bill Gove speech workshop supposedly teaches you how to give a f*cking speech. I understand that public speaking and giving speeches is not child’s play but charging $3,997 for that is just outrageous. I would have appreciated the price if it was worth it but trust me, it is definitely worth it. In the workshop they are just going to tell you the basic speech psychology stuff that can be read online just by doing a simple Google search. Who would have thought that a Google search can save you 4 thousand bucks!

Coaching Approval Addiction Certification Course

This $500 course apparently teaches you how to become self-sufficient and not rely on others opinion on you. If anyone is foolish enough to spend this much money on just learning how to appreciate himself, then that person needs some counseling. Researches show that mental toughness is not something that can be drastically changed but people don’t like to hear the truth and that is why they rely on people like Steve Siebold to tell them sweet stories. It is a 12 week course which consists of basic crap that is again not worth the price tag. I would recommend that you check out self-help blogs if you want to increase your self-esteem, it would cost you zero money while provide you some valuable knowledge.

Pro Speaker Business School

This seems to be the main product that Steve Siebold wants people to buy. The Pro Speak Business School is a course that teaches people how to speak in public. Or in the words of Steve,”writing world-class pitches”. I haven’t witnessed such useless course in my whole life. At least there is one thing where Steve Siebold outshines everyone else, making crappy courses. I contacted a buyer of this course and he stated that he did not like the course. He bought it for half the price for $497 during a seasonal sale and when he received his course, he was totally disappointed with it. The buyer said, “The Pro Speaker Business School isn’t exactly what it is marketed as, it is actually just like any other generic course on public speaking,just worse.” When the buyer asked the Siebold Network team for a refund, they refused to give him the review, because he bought the product during the sale. Even though, their TnCs doesn’t state that you will not get a refund if you don’t like the product. Steve knows that his courses are shit that is why he doesn’t provide refunds. Because if he starts doing that, he is going to lose all his money.

Mental Toughness Broker Agent Program

I didn’t think that Steve would be able to top himself in providing the worst products, but he exceeded my expectations. The Mental Toughness Broker Agent Program is a multi-level marketing product by the Siebold Network. They have launched it just to make money off people’s hard earned cash. It costs a whopping $1,000 to get into this program and not only that, you are going to pay around $70 every month as long as you stay in it. And to make things worse, it does not show any visible results and you can only get it if you have an invitation.

Hire the guy himself for a speech

Steve is an impressive persuader and he can easily manipulate people into thinking that he is an expert, however, if you listen to his speeches carefully, you are going to realize that he keeps repeating the same points over and over again. But most of the people don’t notice it and hire him anyways. The official website of Steve Siebold states that it costs a whopping $20,000 + stay at a five star hotel + 1st class air tickets + ground transport services + meals. So as you can see it is quite expensive to hire him for a 90 minute speech. This would have been fine, but the refund policy of this service is extremely sad. y. You know what’s going to happen with you if you’ve read my experience. This guy will simply market his useless products and run away. You won’t get a refund too.

If you’re smart

If you’re a smart guy who learns from other people’s mistakes and takes valuable lessons, heed my advice: STAY AWAY FROM STEVE SIEBOLD.

I lost around $25,000 and a lot of my precious time and respect among my employees, all because of this narcissist. Do anything but don’t hire him to speak on your events. You’re going to regret your decision of spending your money on this guy. Take it from a past victim, it’s not worth the risk.


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