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Published: 15 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

In reply to Steve Unger he is actually a crook and con artist I hired him to consult for my company he claimed he had over 20 years in the business . He promised to deveolp and grow my company with a minimum of 15 sales the first month and 30 in 60 days through his canvassing knowldege and team he was bringing on. I had him put it in writting so he knew his obligation and goals . He not only promised a canvassing team but telemarketing team and additional sales people to teach and train. He promised us 120 leads per month through his marketing . Guarantteing us sales After 3 weeks not one thing he promised was done . Nothing. He did not do one thing he stated in writting that he would do not one thing. it was obvious he did not have any of the knowledge and experience he claimed he had and we had no sales . He was even going to our sales guys for help to do proposals something Steve said he did for another company . We sat him down in the office and talked to him to let him go because this was not working out but He assured us he already had the canvassers lined up started for Tuesday so we decided to keep him for two more weeks and we cut him a check . We never said we did not have money to pay him . WE did not owe him what he claimed . He made numberous mistakes with customers , we caught him lying and building proposals to show more production to the customers and I was very upset and told him to leave. I will not run a company and promise a customer more production than the solar system will do . Our name is on it and Our name and reputation is very Important to us. so I had to let him go. When we let him go he called emailed and texted us numberous times threatening me claiming he was connected to the mob. I had to file a police report I was very scared of his “Psycho” behavior He continued harrassed us and my employees making dailey diroitory statements about us to everyone. He threatend to slander us all over the internet, with complaint, internet, BBB, Small CLaims Court, the ROC He also claimed he would take our licienses away because he knoew people in the ROC. I filed a police report and was about to get a restraining order. I hired an attorney who advised me that this is one bad seed just get rid of him. My attorney said its cheaper to pay him than my attorney. So we paid him in exchange Steve Unger had to sign a diparge agreement agreeing not to slander , disparge, my company in anyway and remove any negative statements and if he did so he would be in breach of his agreement . It is Obvious he breached his agreement . I have since learned it is Imparative to do a backround check on all new hirees whether they are an employee or consultant. After all this I did some backround checking on Steve Unger and he did not work at the companies he stated and the ones he did work at fired him for the same reasons I had to let him go . He also harrassed them threatening them just like he harrassed us. He is one bad seed I would not recomend ever doing any business with him . Frances

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