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Published: 22 December 2018

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Steven Matthew Langley also known as Steven Langley has never paid income tax as he says that Tax on income is voluntary in USA and he will not participate. Steven Langleys is a case of 1) evading taxes 2) misrepresentation and concealment putting assets in another person’s name 3) concealing records of income 4) claiming deductions that are bogus 5) lying about ownership of assets 6) hiding assets overseas Steven Langley was born on . He is 51. He has had several different businesses, has been self employed since his early 20s and has never paid taxes. His base income per month is US $85,000 plus commissions from the sales of his software which is 20% and is renegotiable and will continue to get him very comfortable monthly income for the rest of his life. Steven started CTI Architects in USA over 12 years ago, where he partnered with big companies like IEX, etc. The website address is Alex Sashin developed call centre software for Steven when he worked with him at CTI Architects. Steven won copyright for that software in his court case against Alex Sashin after Alex could not afford to fight anymore in courts and handed the software at a minimal amount. Court records are public. That software continues to make Steven money. In 2007 Steven merged his company CTI Architects with QPC Group limited – a UK based multinational company. In Dec 2011 there was a merger deal with Steven Langleys company CTI Architects and ethosIQ. Both of these mergers have proved to be immensely profitable for Steven. Steven has NOT been effected by credit crunch ever. Stevens net worth is in millions. His assets are 1) His house in Mooresville, North Carolina 2) Another house in Charlotte, North Carolina 4) Hundreds of acre ranch in Arizona 5) Four other properties in California and Arizona 6) Toys, Cars – Lotus, Jeep, etc, Boats, helicopter, four seater plane. 7) 500 Gold Bullions. All his assets, properties, boat, cars, etc are in his mother Lois Ann Langleys name. All his assets, properties, boat, cars, etc are fully paid. He always pays cash upfront for everything. Steven does not own a single thing in his name as this way IRS can not prove he owns anything. He only has two bank accounts overseas in his name with $30000000 in it and 500 gold coins in safe. He has owned property and lived in different places in California, before moving to and purchasing different properties in Arizona, in Phoenix, Mesa, Flagstaff, etc. before he purchased the properties in North Carolina and moved there in 2007. His money overseas is in Bank in China. China beats switzerland in the security it provides its premier customers, like Steven. The address is: HSBC Bank (China) Company Limited 22 – 38 Floor, HSBC Building, Shanghai 8 Century Avenue, Pudong Shanghai 200120 People’s Republic of China Telephone: 86 (21) 3888 3888 He has a property in China and the address is: RM 1703 Shen Lan Apartment Nanshan Shenzhen China 518000 Stevens contact details are as follows: US cell phone UK cell phone He has been questioned by IRS for many years yet gets away every time. IRS charged him and made him liable to pay some money, but they have not had any money from him. IRS court case records. CONFIRM CASE 20090764061 Defendant: Langley, Steven M Case Number: 20090764061 Filing Type: Federal Tax Lien Entity Type: Individual RecordFiling Date: 20090818 Amount Liability: $153,432.00 Address: 1222 W Weatherby Wy City: ChandlerState: Az Zip: 85248 Plaintiff: Internal Revenue Service Court Code: Azmarc1 Court Name: Maricopa County Recorder Action Type: Federal Tax Lien His reply is I am not evading taxes. I choose not to participate. BUT isn’t it illegal to hide assets and not file tax return?? His reply is it is illegal to lie on tax return, not if I choose not to participate. Will he ever go to jail for evading taxes? According to him “taxes in US are voluntary. It is illegal to have tax on income and I am not participating as I am not required by law to pay taxes. There is no law that says there is tax on income. IRS cant prove I own anything. I have no money or anything in my name. His lifestyle does not match the income he declares/ or has not declared in years. He earns more in a month than most people make in years and can easily afford to pay taxes! He just doesn’t want to pay taxes and has found a loophole in the system which he is exploiting. While the rest of the country is working hard and having to pay taxes, he is accumulating more and more and hiding in overseas Bank accounts and in his mothers name – everything in US -properties, cars, boats, toys, etc- are in Lois Langleys name. IRS should check everything under Lois Langleys name and ask how a retired grandmother could own all these assets.

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