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He is a rude guy who needs to be in a mental hospital!

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Published: 31 May 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Dr. Hull is a degenerate human being. He shouldn’t be running a dental clinic. He should be in an asylum. This guy has no sense of professionalism or any sense of decency. He is crazy. I had visited his clinic, which is called Stewart & Hull Aesthetic & General Dentistry, and it was one of the most terrible experiences of my life. Dr. Hull HAD SLAPPED ME DURING A PROCEDURE! I had visited his clinic for dental filling in one of my teeth. I thought it was a great place. I had heard from a friend that Dr. Hull is a crazy guy but I didn’t believe her because there wasn’t any mention of that online. And when I checked their website, I didn’t see anything which would indicate such behavior. I didn’t think that he’s a crazy man at all. I thought he was a reliable and trustworthy professional at the moment. Now I know why the hell Dr. Hull has such a bad reputation locally. Dr. Stewart isn’t anything better. He doesn’t say anything and according to the policy of the place, it’s the patient who’s always at fault. They don’t bother with details. They just put the blame on you and expect you to apologize to the dentist. Dr. Stewart had asked me to apologize too. When he was installing the filling in my tooth, I felt a really strong pain and I whimpered. It was unbearable pain. And my reaction was involuntary. But Dr. Hull’s reaction to that was shocking. That bastard slapped me and told me not to disturb him during the work. He had slapped me really hard. I had gotten tearful. I was shocked too. I didn’t expect my dentist to slap me for such a stupid reason. He did the procedure and I didn’t say anything at that time. He then started telling me that I shouldn’t have disturbed him at the time and how it could’ve caused me a lot of damage. I was just listening to him. I left the place and while leaving I told him that I wasn’t coming back. That guy lost his cool again. After a few days, I got a call from Dr. Stewart. Now, I thought he would apologize for the unprofessional behavior of his colleague but in reality, that guy was only calling me to tell me that it was in my best interest to visit his clinic. He didn’t apologize and when I clearly told him that his colleague had slapped me for no reason, he said that Dr. Hull must have some reason to raise his hand. That guy doesn’t trust his patients. He only trusts his lunatic colleague. I’m never going back to this clinic again. I’m fairly certain that this place is a horrible choice for anyone who requires dental treatment. These people can’t treat you especially when they have maniacs running everything. I would not recommend anyone this place too.

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