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They are incompetent, lazy and no one should come to them

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Published: 30 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I am sick of this place. I came to Stine Chiropractic on a weekly basis, but they crossed the line today. I felt like I was some kind of cattle. They were rushing me from one room to the other without clarifying what they were doing. There was no communication between the patient and the chiropractor, they weren’t even explaining anything or asking if I was feeling good or not. They didn’t ask me whether I felt good or not after the adjustment, some of the time the chiropractor even hurt me. One time I went back to the clinic the same day because the adjustment they did make my back hurt like hell, I couldn’t handle the sheer pain and I felt horrible. Such incidents happen TWICE while I was going to the Stine Chiropractic clinic! I occasionally do horseback riding and I am a professional dog groomer, I need to get massages to keep myself fit. Without the massages my whole body aches and going through life becomes extremely difficult.

I had an appointment here today and I called the clinic to let them know that I am on my way and it will take me a few extra minutes to get there. However, no one was picking up the fucking phone! I tried calling them more than a dozen times but the call always went non-responding. It was just unbelievable. There was a traffic jam on Ridgecrest but the clinic was just one block away. While I was stuck in the traffic the clinic called back however, I was not able to pick the call up, even then, I called them almost instantly, but they didn’t receive it!!! I reached the clinic almost 8 minutes late and my massage lady told me that she is going for lunch. I was just 8 minutes late for my appointment and I even tried to call the clinic dozens of time!!! I pay for the 50 minutes massage, I asked her why can she simply do a 40 minutes massage instead and she just refused to do that and said that I should come earlier. She made radical excuses and was trying to escape the situation as fast as possible. I told her that his massage is really important for me and she explicitly said that if this massage is so important to me then I should have left the house earlier. After saying that she just dashed away! This was the rudest thing that has ever happened to me! I work my ass off every week to get this massage and relax, I tip the lady well and make sure that she stays happy. I tried to call them and did my best to contact them, but they weren’t just picking up the call, this is not my fault. After today I am never going pack to Stine Chiropractic clinic. They are incompetent, lazy and no one should come to this place. They treat their customers unprofessionally and they don’t give a damn about the needs of the customer.

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