Stones Family Dental

This place has some of the worst dentists in the area.

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Published: 27 May 2019

Posted by: Trisha

Don’t take the risk of visiting Stones Family Dental. They have no knowledge of the procedures they do and how they are supposed to do them. They are careless, irresponsible and selfish. Dr. Stones installed an unnecessary crown in my teeth and stole money from my credit card. He’s a lunatic and I advise you to stay away from this place. I had visited that place to find out what was the best procedure for a dental cavity I had. The dentist there, Dr. Stones recommended me to get a crown installed. I was a little skeptical of the procedure at first because I knew many dentists rip off people through dental crowns. They cost a fortune. In this case, Dr. Stone was charging me around $1100 for the dental crown. That’s a lot of money. I consulted him and we both had agreed that I needed one dental crown installed on one of my teeth. That bastard installed 2 dental crowns in my teeth. HE LIED TO ME AND INSTALLED AN UNNECESSARY CROWN! He hadn’t asked me for the second crown. He did the procedure without my consent. And when I asked him why he did that, he just said he did as we had discussed. I’m not a fool. I know he was ripping me off. He kept saying that we had agreed on getting 2 crowns installed in my teeth. And can you guess the invoice he had created for me? IT WAS OF FREAKING $2500! That guy was robbing me and I wasn’t able to do anything. He just deducted that amount from my credit card. I had made a payment through my credit card before so they already had the info. They just sent the bill and got the money from my account. THOSE BASTARDS STOLE $2500 FROM ME! If he had done a normal procedure and installed one crown, I would have no problems with him whatsoever. But that guy is a freak. Not only did he install an unnecessary crown in my teeth but he also didn’t apologize or issue me any refunds. This whole place is a sham. I was infuriated. He kept saying that the second crown was necessary and that I shouldn’t overreact. Later on, his clinic had the audacity to call me and tell me to come back again for any other procedures. I do not recommend this place to anyone. Whether you want a cosmetic procedure done or get a routine checkup, don’t visit this place. They are white-collared thieves who feel no remorse or guilt for the misdeeds they do. They should be thrown in jail for dental malpractice. They just destroyed my financial well being and installed a nonsensical crown in my teeth. Dr. Stones is an ill-minded professional who shouldn’t be allowed to run a dental clinic. His license should be revoked and he should be made to face the consequences of his actions.

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