They fool old people and try to steal money from them

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Published: 06 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I am the technical manager of a software company, thus I’m not new to software programs. I have been dealing with them for over 20 years and have a lot of experience. And I can easily say without any second thoughts that StopZilla is a totally unethical company and their revenue generation techniques are illegal to practice. They called my mother and tried to make her think that he has a very dangerous virus in her computer that can erase all the data from her computer. They were rude, impatient and they were trying to panic her. Being the silly person my mom is, she agreed to get a 5-year membership for their software. My dad told me about this incident a few days later in a casual manner. I did not like the fact that they lied to my mother and stole money from her, but I let it go as I didn’t know their antivirus is actually a RANSOMEWARE yet.

8 Months later they called my mother again and told her that a Russian hacker is trying to hack her computer and he could only be stopped if she buys STOPzilla\’s Network Security Suite. As I told her to say no in the past, she clearly denied it and refused to buy their suite. She told them that she will talk to her son (me) and call them back. Hearing this, they got extremely angry, they started pressuring her and mom cancel the call midway. She called me and told me about the whole fiasco. She said that they were telling her that her PC will be locked by Microsoft soon if she does not stop this hacker. They wanted to steal the credit card info of my mom via her emails. I told her to start up the PC so that I can access it remotely. She was locked out of the PC, her OS was completely blocked and the computer was useless.

I contacted the company and confronted them. The company rep didn’t tell me the name of his company, but I after an easy search on Truecaller I found out that he was from StopZilla. I asked him to unlock her PC but he refused to do that until I give him mom’s information. He then hung up the phone. I dialled the number again but this time a different guy picked up. He started telling me that MY computer has a VIRUS that needs to be neutralized and I need to buy their software for that. HE WAS TELLING ME THE SAME THING HE TOLD MY MOTHER. This proved that he was basically reading a script and didn’t know who he was talking to. He must have thought that I am calling because I’m scared.

By now I have formatted my mother’s hard drive, reinstalled the operating system and updated the security system of her computer. And hopefully, StopZilla doesn’t mother her now.

I just want to help people see the true face of this “AntiVirus” company. STOP giving them your hard earned money.

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