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Unprofessional Staff!! No Work ethics!!

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Published: 27 November 2018

Posted by: kelly

This company Strada Capital Corporation is run by fraud people who are just after your money and make full planned strategies to fulfil those plans. I had never expected that I will get cheated in such a manner. I still remember the day when one of my uncle suggested me to use the services of this company to get a loan sanctioned in less time. I wasn’t sure in the beginning and wanted to ensure if they are the right guys. I visited their office and explained my financial situation. I realized that the company officials were quite polite and understood my situation, they even offered me a lower rate of interest owing to my financial conditions that time. Had I known that this company is just a scammer in the face of real contractors, I would have never
Since few days, I have been in a dilemma and don’t know what to do. I have even asked some of my friends to help me and they said the only way to get out of this situation is calling an attorney and filing a lawsuit against these money rippers. This will also be a lesson for these people to never make a fool of their clients who are providing all the legitimate proofs and documents. This is not a professional way as the clients should never face such horrible experience that too when they are not making any mistake. I had already told them that I need a loan fast and could not wait for time more than 15 days, but what they did was completely ridiculous. They stopped attending my calls and completely ignoring my texts. They were making me feel as if I was a dumb person and didn’t get the hints.
After 1 month, I had understood that it’s time to ask them directly if they were even interested to provide me the loan, because the water had gone over the head. I already had been waiting for their confirmation from a long time and now it was time to ask the truth to understand the scenario. So, after a week, I took off from my work and visited their office, two of the officials were sitting and I asked them the status of my loan directly. I didn’t know what they will respond but I was pretty sure that whatever happens, I would not leave until I was confirmed about the status or at least get some output. They called their senior and the senior told me that I had to wait for another month as the confirmation is yet to make. I don’t get it; when I had provided the information to you in a proper manner, Wasn’t it your duty to inform me the present status of the loan and not delay like it like this, wasting mine and yours time both?
What do you expect from your client? This is so bad. One should never behave like that. No one deserves to be treated the way you all have treated me. I was so positive about the loan and at that time, I felt so miserable. I felt cheated and there was no way, I was going to believe these cheaters again. I had never thought that these people would cheat with me like that. Due to this deceiving, now I cannot trust on anyone. I think people have really lost their morale and are only making fool of others. I have asked for a straight refund now because I don’t want to make my family suffer more. They had already trusted me once when I was relying on these people for the work, but not again.
I will complain regarding your fake service that is only based on looting money from people and providing no relevant service in return. I will never ever provide you any other proof. I will never recommend the services of this fraud company ever. They are just fooling people with their fake service. It is better to rather stay away from such people. They are scamming people and wasting other’s time. Never indulge into their services as all they will do is rip off some cash in lieu of document confirmation which will never get confirmed. They don’t have any work ethics and do not have respect for their client’s time at all.

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