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Published: 26 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I Wished I had did my research prior to purchasing net 10 and Straight talk to learn, they are the same company. Now, I know why they have so many different names and companies, so that when they scam one, they hope the consumer goes to another prepaid which is owned by them and they can scam them again. I am just WAITING for a class action against this company. Problem: I was wanting to switch from Verizon Contract once I have finished out my contract, to a prepaid carrier like Net 10…Net 10 allows you to bring your own phone. I even went to their website to check the compatibility of my phone/carrier and all was clear. I purchased a Net 10 prepaid starter package with first month of service and the starter kit ( sim card ) from Walmart. Net 10 promises excelent coverage at 4g. I have a brand new LG G2 which is of course, compatible.. Once I went through the process, my phone did NOT get 3g instead, it read “H” and the signal bars are 2 at best, mostly 1 with a small “r” for roaming…I live in Charlotte NC and know their is an abundant of towers in the are. I called, and they told me they could not promise service. I asked for a refund, they told me “non refundable”.. Ok, so I figured I would wait out the 30 days then switch. Yesterday, after the 30 days, went to Walmart, Read the nice display for Straight Talk, it stated clearly, 4g lte at the best nationwide coverage. The information stated as long as you have an 4g lte compatible phone, it works.. NO WHERE on the box, does it state anything such as “cannot guarantee service in your location, Subject to available towers, etc etc”, you read 4g lte, nationwide best coverage and you believe it will work. Again, after all, their are no disclaimers on the packaging!! Got home, went through the whole process, and the SAME service ( or lack ther 0f ) As I was getting with Net 10. no 3g, no 4g lte, just an “H” and 2 bars with a small “r” ( roaming )…read online now that they are the same company owned by tracfone. I called the tech support, of course in INdia…All the guy kept telling me was, “their may not be any towers near your home off the AT&T network” ( FALSE, plenty )….I kept telling him how misleading their packaging was, lure folks in, do not promise what they advertise and then tell consumers “non refundable” ( now I know why the say non refundable, they know they would be putting out more money than taking in )…The indian guy told me, “maybe you should check the coverage prior to purchasing”…Seriously???? their coverage maps shows the entire united states, as well, how can I “try before I buy”? i have no way of knowing the service will work without trying. you go into Verizon dealer, and they can tell you if their is service. Their packaging tells you the have the best nationwide service available for 4g lte and you BEST be able to back that promise up, especially when you 1. offer no disclaimer about coverage 2. state non refundable… I have read , today actually, wished I did prior, lesson learned of course, they are horrible, have faced one class action suit before for false advertising unlimited data..Its a matter of time before someone runs with this excelent set up for a class action suit. Im filing a complaint with the FTC, and my State Attorney Generals office on these false advertising claims! .

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