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Sold me an old car and called it new

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Published: 15 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I bought a new car at Streetside Classics – Tampa, and the purchase looked perfect. There are no dents, scratches on the vehicle and I felt I had the best vehicle from the lot.

A week after purchase I had a problem with the vehicle. There were Oil leaks and the radiator heated up then steam from the radiator made me pullover on the main road.

It was a problem I couldn’t fix and had to go back to Streetside Classics – Tampa to repair my vehicle. Everything at that moment frustrated me and had to get my car fixed.

I thought it was odd for my car to have a heated radiator that soon and oil leaks from a new car didn’t look good to me.

At the Streetside Classics – Tampa, I found the owner and complained of the car issues and expected a reserve car in the meantime my car was in for repairs.

They didn’t allow me to have the reserve car and I needed a car for my personal use. The company staff wasn’t helpful to me and I wasn’t pleased with their end of the deal.

I waited for a week. I changed the mind of my car squashed the car agreement and gave back my car to the company and lost interest to work with unqualified people of Streetside Classics – Tampa.

These people think they can sell me old cars, call it new and don’t care about how I will survive without a car while one is in the repair shop.

I don’t appreciate the rude and disrespectful people I must deal with for a reserve car and to have my new car repaired at Streetside Classics – Tampa.

There’s no customer’s service and respect for customer’s needs is terrible from my side of it. They don’t accommodate for customer’s needs and have no interest in a customer’s interest.

The company isn’t worthy of me and I don’t have an interest in a new purchase from my previous experience at the car dealership.  It’s not worth my money spent there and don’t see a professional company and staff members at Streetside Classics – Tampa.

The team members don’t communicate properly with customers, there’s no knowledge of selling cars, no leadership from staff in this company, and no friendly, and pleasant staff to assist customers in every request from the customer.

The least they could’ve done is issue a refund but nope, they didn’t do that either.

People want friendly and pleasant staff to assist them without the hassle and I don’t see that at Streetside Classics – Tampa.

You won’t get the best services and your money’s worth at this car dealership. I am disappointed with my car purchase and don’t want anyone else to go through my terrible experience at this car company. They promised a good car and sold me an old car and made it look new on the interior but failed to let me know of the oil leaks and heated radiator.

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