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Published: 21 October 2018

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Hans Strom of Strom Commercial Real Estate located at 624 Broadway, Ste 305, San Diego, CA. Agent DRE 0122**** I live in Southern Florida and own property in San Diego California. On November 11 2013 I signed an agreement for Strom Commercial Real Estate to market my unit for lease and assist in finding a suitable tenant. Hans touted his firms ability to specialize in loft spaces and his savvy marketing expertise. To my dismay, they rarely returned calls from prospects. Other than list the space on their website and put a sign in front of my unit did no other marketing that required his firm to spend money. We later had a conversation that we may have more activity if we listed it for sale at the same time. I agreed but made it clear that my first priority was renting the space and that the sale listing was not contingent on our lease agreement. In December of 2013 my current tenant was moving out when she contacted me regarding a person who was interested in leasing the space. I referred her to Hans Strom. He did not return any of her calls until I wrote him and asked why. He responded that he was intending to do so. At the time I was traveling in Brazil and required his assistance. He assured me that he would help gather the required paperwork in order to make an informed business decision. Ashley Mullin, Hans Strom and myself entered into a 3-way conversation where I detailed the information I would need forwarded to Hans Commercial for review. In private emails I expressed my concern for Ashley’s ability to pay and the success rate for the type of business she was planing to start (Palates Studio). He offered a few suggestions; one of which was to have her boyfriend co-sign. I stressed with Hans how important it was to properly vet these people and that rather than take a risk with a $750,000 price of real estate would rather wait for another more qualified tenant. He assured me that he would take every precaution, collect the information needed and run the boyfriends background and credit. I leased the space to Mint Shape LTD on January 1, 2014. The business made two subsequent payments and stopped. I immediately informed Hans of the problem and had at least two phone conversations. He promised to help me lease the property at no additional commission. I was able to get possession of the property but not before the current tenant had changed the locks. They notified Strom Commercial where new keys could be picked up. Over the course of the next month, Hans assured me that he was working diligently on getting the unit leased and was actively showing it. However, it was later revealed that he didn’t even have the new set of keys for over two weeks. I hired an agent to take over the potential sale of the property and notified Hans. When I later contacted him to see of there were any inquiries for lease, he said that he stopped marketing the property and stated that “He was not going to compete with another agent” I explained that the other agent was hired to sell the property, not lease it. I never heard from him again. I placed the property on the internet for lease and have rented it beginning on October 2014. Once I had leased the space to a new tenant I began the process to collect what was owed by the prior tenant. I contacted Hans and asked him to forward the applications, paperwork and social security number of the co-signer. He ignored me for several days. He then responded that he had no social security number and had collected no other information from the prospect when they were being reviewed. He referred me to a local attorney for collection. We provided basic information that I had to the firm. The attorney reviewed the information and turned down the case because he felt the co-signer to be noncollectable. I cannot even file a credit report against the co-signer because Strom Commercial did not retain the social security number when running the credit report. I am not out of pocket $3393.12 for the commission paid to Strom Commercial for the marketing and tenant application process and an additional $15,000 in back rent and costs. I relied on the firms experience and integrity but Hans Commercial was unprofessional and reckless when representing me and my property. At a minimum, I asked him to return the commission he was paid. He has not responded to my request; nor has he offered an apology.

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