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Published: 23 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

My grand daughter, Emily, came down from Wisconsin to Florida to visit me. We had all sorts of plans, like go to the Rays and Brewers game at Tropicana Feild, to visit NASA. I had seen these ads about modeling throughout the years and I thought my grand daughter was a perfect candidate for a model. The ad said “Act Model Now! Looking for New faces, print, motion picture, TV comms. No exp A Rating with the Better Business Bureau. Children, Adults, Senior.” Then they put their number. So I called the number, and got a hold of Nancy Keogh. I told her about my grand daughter and she had agreed that she was the perfect candidate. So, we made an appointment. At the apointment, right when I walked into the door, I got a terrible vibe. She had another teenager there, and we had to fill out a sheet and wait about 30 minutes befire we got to talk to her. When we did talk to her, she told us that Emily would be perfect for Nickelodean since she was only 14 and was 5’9″. She said that we would get business quick, but we needed Comp cards for agents and to do that, we needed to go to a shoot in 1 week. The makeup artist and the photographer would both cost $400 dollars to do. We were very shocked with the price, so we said we would think about it and come back. She kind of pressured us, saying “Okay, well you need to make the decision quick, because if this is happening, we need to get it done before July 4th.” We finally decided, why not, and I paid $200 there and then at the shoot I paid the rest. At the shoot, there was 2 other people getting their pictures taken. One of them was a male, one of them was a female. The female had to borrow Emily’s dress because she did not bring enough clothing. We came back the day after the shoot to look at the “proofs”, which was to look at the pictures that the photographer had taken and choose what to put on the comp cards. We had chosen what we wanted on the card, and she told us that the comp cards cost $2 each. She said that we needed about 200 of them and which would add up to about $400. I did not have the money for that so we only bought 100, which cost $200. She said that she will put a rush on the order, because of the 4th of July weekend. She said she would call us on Monday, July 7th to tell us about the order. We did not get a call on Monday, so my grand daughter called her on Tuesday. She was very snippy with her answers and she said that the order was delayed because of the 4th of July. We thought that was a little odd considering she said that she would put a rush on the order. But we just went along with what she said. She told us she would call us when she gets the cards. It is now July 12th, and we have called on July 9th, July 10th, and July 11th. She did not pick up any of those times so we just left her a voicemail. We were very anxious at this moment so we looked up Studio V on the Better Business Bureau, and it said she was not accredited. On that site, we saw “when dealing with fraud modeling”. They had put things that legitimate modeling agents would not do. Studio V did every single one. We were very angry, so we looked up her name and found a lot of violations she has done from 2001-2003 with her other business ‘Models 2000’ including a revoked license and restitution. She was even on the ABC Action News, back in 2001. She was put in court countless times. She is a fraud. Please do not fall for her trap, as me and my grand daughter did. She got $700+ out of us, including the makeup artist and the photographer, the comp cards, and all of the clothing we had to buy.

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