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A total nightmare!

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Published: 16 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I usually do not like to visit other dentists besides my regular one but since my regular dentist who I was very happy with don’t accept my insurance company anymore so had to find another dentist where I don’t have to go through any misery and I should be treated with care and respect. I did some research and got to find one of the dental clinics which were near my house and had good ratings and reviews with it but later on, I realized that I have made a huge mistake. Upon my visit to Suarez cosmetic dentistry, I noticed a board which offered a discount to the patients who provide a positive review to them. After a day of my visit, I got a message from the clinic insisting me to post a review about them but I am not the type of person who is fond of getting some discounts by making false reviews because it will mislead other people. Suarez cosmetic dentistry is located in Petersburg, Florida. It claims to treat their patients with care and respect and opt one of the latest methods and techniques to treat their patients but since my visit, they have unable to satisfy with me their services because their way of treatment made me uncomfortable and they charged me some extra fees for services which I didn’t even receive. I never had any issues with my teeth or gum before with my previous dentist but here I was being told that I had the beginnings of gum disease. The doctor recommended me a special cleaning which was called gingival inflammation. The doctor looked unprofessional to me because he was unable to answer my questions and gave no response to what I was saying. Also, I was not comfortable with the way he works, he doesn’t know how to make his patients comfortable and relaxed. I always had the phobia of going to dental clinics but my previous dentist was so good with me that I didn’t feel any of it but this time I had to reconsider if I wanted to give Suarez cosmetic dentistry a second visit or not. The doctor told me to get the cleaning immediately and was being told that I needed his for the price of $161. I had gone through a lot of dentists and cleaning before and this cleaning was no different than any other cleanings. The only difference was that numbing gel was applied which I didn’t even ask them to do and later on got to know that this gel had added $15 to my bill. They forced me to buy one of their toothbrushes which cost an additional $15 on to the bill even though I told them that I already had one of it. They charged me hidden fees upon everything with this visit. I did contact the office requesting for a refund but was denied by them. On the whole, the experience was a nightmare for me and I would like to visit this facility again nor going to recommend it to anyone.

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