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Published: 12 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Statement Legal issues with cps . Too much to write . I had my son in april last year my drug addict husband left us about 7 weeks after his birth me having a cesection and with four boys no car and money. I have taking xynax for many years now around 8. Was on oxycodone also for the surgery. One stress filled day i couldnt relieve the anxiety and continuous panic attacks not to mention the pain from the section still. I took the rest of my pain meds..two pills and took my xynax 2 MG each one at a time about 6 to 8 over the course of the early morning to afternoon. When I felt the meds kicking in FINAlly after hours of panic and pain I told my teenage son to call someone in the family to come get them that I took too much of my medicine I’d be ok but was going to shortly pass out and sleep a while . He called his father in another state who called his brother who called the ambulance the cops then cps. They had me sign something in the hospital whiLe on medication I cannot remember what I signed and took my kids away with there father as a non respondent. I was to do a parenting course have a physc evaluation and some sort of drug program. Did all the programs by feb.And children were to be returned to me on Feb 28th and they said a new supervisor came on and denied my program of drug education because the alleged accusation of me being a addict was not right. I was found NOT to meet criteria of a addict and my caseworker okayed the course having me pay 30 to 60 dollars a week driving from patchogue to riverhead for over the course of 5 to 6 moths. She took the counselers credentials and certifications and gave the ok to her to treat me drug test me counsel and educate. After going to court Feb 28 2014 I was told they ajourned the court and made a new date. Went and then was told everything was fine but the drug program she didn’t have the right credentials to treat me all of a sudden according to cps attorneys worker and new supervisor. The worker didn’t do her job properly and didn’t know the website to look up certain things to be sure to okay it. and all she did was drug test and educate me on what would happen if I was or could become a addict. After being okay ed to do so. They waited 5 months to tell me NOW she wasn’t good enough. Just got into a different program which is said to take up to a year to complete And I have court in September for the kids. The entire time I had been working a vehicle and place to stay. Now my patient passed away and car broke on top of the mental verbal and emotional abuse continually from my mother my husband (soon to be ex) and mother in law. I met someone else and he was in raged and jealous and now bitter and spiteful. My mother hates my husband and has done nothing but blame it on him the entire time about him being abusive I should’ve left it’s his fault he shouldn’t see the kids blah blah. Now after staying with her for a few weeks (again she will admit to the neglect over years from her to me ) and my Dr’s will tell u the pain torment and abuse from her I’ve endured over my life….. the day after mothers day my mother who also is a social worker new how bad the day had been with harassment from my mother and sister in law. I spoke to my mom about taking my three year old off the bottle and potty training him. Since when I’m there he does try with me. She got nasty and loud as always put me down said I’ve ruined her life by having this happen and her raising two of my four boys and she’s not taking him off the bottle cause she will never get any sleep he will be up all nite. Degraded and verbally attacked me and I went back with words after asking several times to stop in front of my son. After some harsh words said.. and this women told me her daughter if she could go back in time she would drown me at birth. I removed myself from the situation had my boyfriend take my three yr old and I sat outside. I did not hear her come out behind me then she grab my hair ripping a chunk of it out and began to dig her nails in my throat as she choked me l screamed for her to get off yes calling her names after she would not and eventually needing to protect myself from further being attacked I put my hand up hitting her in the face in turn breaking her glasses which cut her face. She saw blood ran inside to my oldest son screaming ur mother (me) attacked her. My boyfriend was witness to all that happend and will vouch for me that she attacked me physically leaving me with nail and finger marks around my neck and up my face and a large chunk of hair she ripped out. She kicked him and I out of the house all the while screaming that I’m a piece of shit I’m mentally ill iam crazy I attacked her.. oh poor pathetic me…u were abused.. etc etc. I came to the house about three days later my son asked her to come out to talk to me I waited about 30 min and then walked in standing in the doorway trying to calmly speak to her.. she kept screaming to get the fuck out and she’s gonna call the cops.. I went upstairs said goodbye to my son as she screamed and yelled to get out of her house I flung a picture off the wall and left. Few days later decided I’d better get a order of protection against her to my suprise the cop at the desk told me she filed for one that morning. Now she’s taking me to court .. called the cps worker told her iam crazy have lost my mind that I ATTACKED HER when it’s the other way around and now the caseworker has met with her privately after work hours… does not meet with me like she’s supposed to let’s my son stay at my parents house after I told her he’s a alcoholic and that’s why I’ve been there with my three year old during the day. Told me I only said that cause of what happend. And that iam a lier and she doesn’t believe me or anything I’ve said or say. Is siding with my mother whom obviously as a social worker herself and the relationship they have established seems to be a conflict of interest. She’s shown up high on her own xynax to meetings at my mother in laws house she and my soon to be ex have told me that she almost fell over and couldn’t stand straight and has already shown up 3 or 4 times at the neighbors house. Invited me to the gym all over personal text messaging. Told me all about her own many physc evaluations and being on medication xynax being one of them.does not do proper casework counseling I hear from her once always at the end of the month. Told me repeatedly how horrible my husband wad and is.. why hasn’t he taken custody or shown up in court over a 10 month period believing he is still using and I shouldn’t be with him and especially not with him and the kids. He’s smoked pot in the car with my 7 yr old. Has picked up and dropped off drugs (pills) to his friend with my son in the car. Has stolen at least 10 times I can count from my 7 yr old first his riddilan then his adderal. I filed a report with the cops back in March or April of 2013. He went to safely inpatient Jan of 2014 left program early never completing it. Has been in the physc ward in the hospital and now they want to give him custody. Also I have some other issues going on that need immediate attention to and strapped for cash but would like to obtain a lawyer to get a new social worker my case reevaluated and sue the state for conflict of interest unprofessionalism, now I feel intent to spite me, possible drug abuse on her part. Breaking any confidentiality flip flopping my case and now taking sides .. she’s a bad case worker who does not have mine and my kids best interest at hand. I told her about my father being a alcoholic and she said I only said that in spite of my mother getting a order of protection against me and now taking me to court. Which is neglect on her part and having a blind eye. Also my sonwho’s 7 was scratch and possible partially choked by the man who my mother in law lives with I have pictures and him on video telling me. Asked about it they denied it said he went to grab his hood and missed when my son says he screams at him let’s him do nothing and pulls his hair and has put his hands on him. I spoke to the caseworker about this and I asked to have him removed and she still hasnt. My caseworker told me that my one yr old at this point thinks my mother in law is his mom because of me. Which is horribly cruel hurtful and unprofessional. That I’m not gonna get my any time soon making me do another program and now wants a third physc evaluation on me. It’s bs and unheard of a deal is trying to give there father custody of the four boys. Noone will call me back and answer my texts mother mother in law and soon to be ex husband . So I have no way to speak to or see my children and it’s now been exactly 14 days since I have. Also the most incredibly stupid and ridiculous thing happend in april. I was arrested with my bpufriend because when we went to donate clothing and bags of items twice to the thrift store I saw children’s clothing in my kids sizes and took them. But returning the day after with everything I didn’t need. They have us on camera. But I’ve been donating there for years.. even know a volunteer there . I lost my job and have been financially strapped between us two there is 6 children and I harmlessly took the items. Now being charged with two counts of petty larceny .they followed us to my parents came in watched me go to the bathroom said I was going down for questioning then proceeded to take me outside telling Noone there with my kids who they were or where I was going. Handcuffed me outside my son saw this. Brought me to the station cuffed me to a table and chair in a locked holding room after a hour or so MADE ME REAL MY OWN RIGHT and sign the paper. But I should’ve been immediately read my rights at arrest which they said was questioning then she filled out and wrote MY statement and then almost bribing me telling me to give up a drug dealer come on I gotta know one. I have not ever been arrested or abused any drugs before I cannot believe how I’ve been tormented and tortured throughout this case. It’s not right and I believe I should have it all thrown out and my kids returned. Or a new social worker and my kids in foster care till they figure it out. They are mistreated where they are now as my mother did to me and the worker is taking sides and way to personal with the case not to mention i believe as does my ex and mother in law she has been overmeil ate a few times at meetings. Also has not one month done the correct casework counseling she’s supposed to do just barley fitting me in the end of the month. No consistency or urgency to her on this case and now agreeing with my mother and not working to make sure my kids are safe and make sure to be returned with me as long as I have a safe environment for them which I’ve asked many times to help me somehow with programs or assistance to get that but has not attempted to what so ever. Has agreed to my program said her credentials were good I lost so much time and money because of her lack of professionalism and bad work ethics and honestly neglect on my behalf. I lost hundreds of dollars and so much time with my children. She has known since day one how drama filled and crazy both family’s were and how not one of them gets along and has played it all down. Out of spite hatred and vindictiveNess my mother has sided and teamed up with the caseworker against me with the caseworker going as far to text me if I touch my mother again she will personally call the cops on me. Not listening to or believing what really happend which is a human reaction called self defense trying to protect myself. I do not know what to do at this point I desperately need help from a lawyer this is definitely a legal matter and I am unfortunately financially strapped but willing to make a payment plan and wanting to sue the state ..county for time lost with my children honestly that’s priceless and the money and gas spent to and from riverhead one to two times a week to and from patchogue around a hour to and from and 30 bucks a session. I want some sort of repercussion on the social worker for not following and doing her job the way She is supposed to be doing and followed. She is beyond unprofessional just the personal text messaging alone.. the conflict of interest with my mom. After work hour meetings to get coffee with my mother all to discuss me and my mother in spite and hate for me would 100 percent do this just to get revenge. When she attacked me not vise versa. I even went to the 5th precent to file a order of protection against her and to my suprise she had that morning and I could not. Now again I’m being served with pprwork and court date from her including a restraining order. I haven’t seen or heard my children in 2 weeks and desperately reaching out to your .

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