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Published: 04 May 2019

Posted by: Latonya

During my entire course of life, I haven’t had a worse dental experience than I had at SummerHills Dental Care! And I’m not exaggerating, this is all true and it is my personal experience. I do not like to write negative stuff about any clinic but what SummerHills Dental Care is doing is just WRONG and it would be very ignorant of me to not tell the world about their true faces. I and my wife moved to Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago and we were trying to find a good dentist in the area. Las Vegas is certainly one of the expensive cities of the states and it was rather difficult to find a good dentist who does charge a fortune. The staff at SummerHills Dental Care is absolutely gorgeous, the sexy Eastern European girls are the only thing that might attract you to this place, however, considering its location, it is not very difficult to find exotic women at other venues as well. Anyways, the dentists came in a whole 45 minutes late and it was really annoying, moreover, they didn’t even do anything to compensate for it. The last place I went to, gave me a freackinStarbucks gift card because they were 15 minutes late! Getting back to the topic, I had my teeth cleaned here and I told them that I have some kind of loose orthodontic wire. They claimed that they can easily fix it and it would be much of a problem for them. They glued the wire with tooth filling glue (the glue that is used to fill cavities, which is obviously not a good treatment for a loose orthodontic wire). I was really happy the 1st day, however,r the wire became loose the very next day and it was quite shocking for me because I paid them some significant amount of money for the glue fix, I didn’t think that it would just be a temporary DIY type of thing. I came back and they fixed the wire the same way. To make things worse, there were two dentists who were treating me and they were talking about a fixing a cavity in my mouth and I didn’t have ANY CAVITIES, I had to clear that up. Otherwise, they would have fixed an unreal cavity as well. You might think that I had a happy ending, NO I actually DIDN’T! After doing the whole procedure, they casually stated that I would have gone to an ortho to get the wire fixed instead of coming here! They told me this after doing the fucking procedure and adding it on my bill! Moreover, the ortho is NOT covered in my dental visit plan so they were charging me for the whole procedures and there was no insurance coverage as well. I wouldn’t have written a review but they have been calling me constantly for the past few weeks, I have even told them to leave me alone but they just keep spamming me.

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