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Published: 31 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I ordered 17 plants from Summerstone Nusery on the internet January 25, 2015. I had to keep calling them because, they never sent them ans, I almost forgot. They finally shipped them out march 27, 2015. My total invoice is $101.45 and only three of them are still living. The company says i have to return the dead plants to get new ones because, they do not do refunds. I have a box sitting here with a bunch of dead sticks in it ready to be mailed. I am so unhappy about the plants dying because, I took really good care of them and some of them were already dead when I receievd them. I have a green thumb and, the neigbors always come to me for help. I just really want my money back

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Unfortunately I have to leave a negative review but it has honestly been over a year and this company still has yet to come and fix my.

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