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Published: 22 March 2019

Posted by: errst474

9/6/2018 Franklin, TN location Request a refund I signed up for a month to tan for August 2018 and I made sure to confirm it would only be for the month and they said yes. I checked my bank account yesterday and saw I was charged for September month on the 1st. I have not tanned in the month of September and I am being refused a refund because paperwork was signed and I did not cancel when required. I cancelled it as of now but due to an employee of yours not specifying I had to cancel my membership, I am being told I am unable to receive a refund even though I have not even used it. Customer service was able to give me a gift card in place of it instead but it is still something I did not want and still don”t want. Signing up for the original membership was not clear either and I planned to go to another tanning salon but now am stuck with Sun Tan City again because of this $77 charge on my card. Every other tanning salon I have been to does monthly memberships and then does not charge your card until you sign up for another month in store. I have never been to Sun Tan City until this past July when I signed up for August month and was not told a cancellation was necessary to not get charged. A company as large as this one should not be so selfish in being able to give refunds when they are justifiable. Through my account, you would be able to see I became a new member the end of July, signed for an August membership, and have yet to tan in September. If this wasn”t such an expensive payment I wouldn”t have cared but I was already pushed into getting the expensive $77 membership with them originally telling me it was $45 a month then telling me it was raised due to the level of bed along with taxes, a $10 sign up fee and an additional $17 for the month of July because all memberships start on the first. A refund would be much appreciated but if not I will make sure to include my poor reviews throughout websites.

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