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Published: 20 March 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

We moved in to a property owned by this man about 12 months ago. From day one there were issues with the property. We found rodent fesces and traps in the oven, the house was completely filthy even though we were told it was professionally cleaned before move in. There was mold on the baseboards among other things. He also liked to stop by, unannounced often. You will have no peace, no privacy and will not feel safe in your own home. A week or so after moving in we started to experience electrical problems. We reported these to the landlord and he called us liars, thus refusing to make repairs. I had to contact the city of Aurora to discuss this at which time I was informed that I could file a complaint and the city would investigate and force repairs if needed. I gave the landlord another chance to check out the problems telling him the city gave me the option to file a complaint. He told me to go ahead and complain. I did and the city found shorts in wiring that they state could have seriously injured or killed someone. It was repaired a week or so later. More electrical problems surfaced, again the landlord refused to look at them. This time he threatened me, saying that if we didn’t keep quiet and make the repairs ourselves he would have us moved out of the property. He even tried to claim there was a clause in our lease where any repair under 500 dollars was our responsibility. I read the lease and this was false. The city does annual occupancy inspections. They found tons of stuff wrong with the house on inspection. The landlord then hired some handy man to come in and make repairs, I have never seen such horrible workmanship out of anyone. They fixed a leaking toilet by shoving a chunk of scrap wood under it, then used one of our decorative towels to clean up the toilet water they spilled everywhere and left that towel stuffed in the corner of our bathroom. The list goes on forever with these guys. Broken flower pots, stained carpets, they basically trashed the place and the landlord did nothing to rectify our damaged goods. A chunk of rotted wood that he had reattached to the outside of the house fell off, damaging my car. Again, landlord refused to do anything about it. Now we are being forced out of our home by this slumlord with very little notice to find another place to live. We have a 6 year old girl that just started school, we paid our rent every month and kept the house clean. Basically this landlord wants to cash a rent check while making zero repairs unless forced to by the government, when the government forces him to uphold his end of the landlord/tenant relationship he retaliates against the tenant for exercising their rights. If you go to look at Clearwood Ct in Aurora, or anything other property owned by Sunil (Sunilkumar, Neal) Shah.. Turn and run the other way. You’ll have nothing but headaches and stress the entire time you live there, before being forced out in to the street. If you want a peaceful, clean, safe and harassment free place to live. DO NOT RENT FROM THIS MAN. Again, I have photographs as proof as well as all communication being done with Sunil through email so that there was a written record of everything.

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