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Published: 16 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

David Vance claimed to have fixed parts of my trailer like the tip out and come to find that he did not fix it at all, he will not refund me the money nor will he answer my calls about fixing the issue. He flat out told me will not refund me and will maybe get to it maybe some time someday then does not answer my calls or texts. The lack of professionalism and workmanship leads me to do this type of review on a lying deceiptful guy and company like this, the bad thing as well he will just open up again under a different name and keep ripping us people off. I have five children that are all very upset that we cant even go to our trailer at all at there is mold and wetness everywere. to say the least buyer beware of this rip off artist he done to many people and will continue. I have thousands of dollars of repairs to do as insurance will not even cover it due to it being slow seapage for a long period of time. .

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