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Published: 16 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

She is a good scam artist and she does have some psychic abilities. She puts on a perfect solid face with belief that she is scared for you and does not want to see you harmed. When she reads you she is very convincing that there is danger to your life. She already is aware that you are vulnerable and at a low. You have come to her because of some type of happening that is making you miserable. She thrives off of this information. She asks many questions sends you home and advises you that she will not be available for the next XX days because she is with spirit and working on your case. By providing her information she uses it for the next visit. The only problem was what she told me was incorrect to the event of how she said spirits found me. She misworded her reading and gave me reasons that had nothing to do with any event in my life. Every visit is more money. She got me for thousands then told me that a loved one’s life was in danger and if i did not give her tens of thousands of dollars this spirit would eventually take over. This is when the light went on and I began to research psychics. I caught Ann contradicting herself in 2 different visits. I must add that she does absorb what you tell her and has a very excellent memory. The mind is a very powerful too which can be our best friend and worst enemy. A REAL psychic will only ask your name and birthdate. This is all they need to read you. They CANNOT see or predict DEATH. There is no such thing as asking for additional funds to travel or have a “team” work with them on you. If you are told your spirit is dark and from 100’s of years ago this is a BIG FAT LIE. It’s an easy way for them to hook, line and sinker you. Another lie or scam telling you that they need the tools to from 100’s of years ago to remove the spirits. NOT TRUE. I wish I had done some more investigation before she got into my head and wallet. I am grateful for the internet and people with voices to make those aware of how horrible physics can be. How does this woman sleep at night knowing she has torn people down and scared them to death? Is she waiting for the right client to kill themselves? Here is an interesting fact. A friend had tenants in Ventura County that stopped paying rent. They were evicted. Upon his entrance he found that they were gypsies and the apartment was being used for casting spells and items found in the apartment were mind blowing. He did not stop, he contacted the local sheriff department, whom was well aware of these people and filed a complaint, of which he had many complaint. He continued research with authorities for 6 months. They were found to be related to Ann in Sunset Beach and is linked to many, many other gypsies all around California, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama & other states. There is a sheriff in Orange County, CA that is very aware of these gypsies and is the contact for reporting these scams. In the event you choose to still seek a psychic, they ask questions and you answer them, provide some wrong answers as tool to judge that physic with. My white lies provided me a great tool to realize she did not know as much as she wanted me to believe.

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